World news – Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Line: Now with 5G


« I see Cisco’s focus on high-speed technology and connectivity with a level of security, » said a Cisco partner to CRN of the updates to the Catalyst portfolio.

Cisco is expanding its Catalyst 8000 Edge and Cellular Gateway line of products to provide greater flexibility for businesses with remote users.

The expanded product line includes a new 5G Cellular Gateway, a virtual CPE Edge device that can host virtual networking capabilities from Cisco or third-party vendors, and two new products in the Catalyst 8500 and 8200 industries, the technology giant announced on Tuesday With.

Cisco first introduced the brand new Catalyst 8000 line of products in October, including the Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platform, the Catalyst 8300 Series Edge Platform, the Catalyst 8000V Edge Software, and the Catalyst Cellular Gateway Series.


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The Catalyst Cellular Gateway series, a competitor to Cradlepoint, was first introduced in October as a line of small devices that customers can use to easily connect to 4G LTE without changing their existing infrastructure. The Catalyst Cellular Gateways can be used as cellular, as a backup option, or as a primary SD-WAN connection for non-wired locations. The new Catalyst Cellular Gateway 5G combined with SD-WAN offers customers the highest connectivity speeds at a lower price, enabling them to meet the growing throughput needs of the industry, said Archana Khetan, senior director, product management, enterprise routing and SD-WAN infrastructure for Cisco’s Intent Based Networking Group blog about the updates.

« It doesn’t matter whether your Edge device is in the furthest closet or in the basement. Just run the Catalyst Cellular Gateway to the closest reception point and get your network up to speed with the latest version of 5G, » she said.

5G will give businesses a « big leap forward » in enterprise bandwidth, said Kent MacDonald, senior vice president of Strategic Alliances for Long View Systems, a Calgary, Alberta-based Cisco partner. « The ability to use 5G technology to create a hub provides mobility which I think is very welcome, » he said. « I see Cisco focus on high-speed technology and connectivity with a level of security. »

Partners will play a key role in delivering the new products to customers, Cisco told CRN.

The Cisco Catalyst 8500L is designed to meet entry-level 1G / 10G aggregation use cases. The switch can support secure connectivity for thousands of remote locations and millions of firewall sessions, which is especially important for the only growing trend among remote workers, he said.

The new Catalyst 8200 SD-WAN appliance complements the already shipped WAN Edge product of the Catalyst 8300 series. The form factor of the 8200 for most remote and mobile environments, allowing organizations to easily extend SD-WAN to the remotest areas of the network, Khetan said. The Edge uCPE of the Cisco Catalyst 8200 Series, the latest addition to Cisco’s SD branch portfolio, is designed for customers and service providers who are looking for high performance alongside rapidly changing technology requirements.

The Cisco Catalyst 8500L is an upgrade of the Cisco Aggregation Service Router (ASR) 1x and the ASR2x. The Cisco Catalyst 8200 is an upgrade for the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) 4300 and ISR 2900, according to the San Jose, California-based technology giant.

The latest Catalyst upgrades from Cisco are about supporting connectivity wherever users are and helping users connect to cloud services, said MacDonald of Long View. « This is getting critical, not only because of COVID-19, but also because remote workers make up a growing percentage of the workforce, » he said.

The Cisco portfolio responds to business demands for performance and a reliable, secure connection for all users, regardless of location, said MacDonald. « Given that I continue to invest in enriching cloud connectivity with security, it is very important to me, » he said. « The real value lies in how employees are most functional and able to get their job done when they want to get it done. »