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World news – Clippers’ new Kawhi Leonard sneakers show off his’ Moreno Valley Swag ‘

The new hometown-themed New Balance sneakers are a source of pride for many and a way to give back to your community

When Moreno Valley Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez says Kawhi Leonard is helping to change the perception of their city, a tweet from the official Clippers account using the term « loot » to denote the Using the theme of hometown to describe new New Balance sneakers is a good indicator of what he means.

Gutierrez wants people to think of their community, a suburb of about 200,000 residents about 65 miles from downtown LA, as a travel destination, a forward-looking place where successful people can be nurtured.

And having a local NBA superstar who goes out of his way to bind himself to the city – by lacing a striking pair of kicks and then, a few weeks later, 120 pairs of new trainers to local kids from families with low Donate income – that goes miles.

« It’s important to me and many of our city guides because we’ve always been like a stepchild to LA or even Riverside, » Gutierrez said on the phone recently. « And it’s really nice that we have someone who has this access to others in the region to really promote our city. That’s why it’s important and part of our strategic plan to move our city forward is to make it one Destination city.  »

Gutierrez said he and others are working on plans for a new city center that they hope will create more jobs and stop people from commuting out of town as often.

Of course, Leonard’s name is linked to some heady achievements: the man who played high school ball at Canyon Springs High in Moreno Valley before moving to Riverside Martin Luther King High became twice NBA champion and twice MVP in the final. a five-time NBA All-Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year. And rising.
For his part, Leonard made it sound like he was rebuilding his hometown on his sneakers when the Clippers win over Golden State on March 11th was as natural as knocking down one of his patented midfield jumpers.

« Obviously the inspiration is my city, » he said recently. « That’s where I grew up. Be very proud of where I come from. It helped me become who I am today. »

Gutierrez said he heard about the sneakers from Leonard before the world saw them, and was impressed with the design, which incorporated the city’s geographic coordinates and had the seal on the tongue.

The shoe’s blue, green, and yellow color scheme « came from the seal, the seal of the city, » said Leonard, explaining, « just wanted to give them credit. »

A few days before Southern California’s pair of potential NBA title contenders met for the second time this season, Leonard gave more than that.

With his sister, the Moreno Valley advocate, Miesha Slayton, and New Balance, Kawhi’s Kicks handed out more than 120 pairs of shoes to children from the Moreno Valley on April 2nd who attended « A Child’s Place », the the city’s after-school childcare program.

Many thanks to Kawhi Leonard, Miesha Slayton and New Balance Shoes for their generosity! #MoVal #morenovalley #kawhileonard #newbalance pic.twitter.com/Xbq6g9Xu6W

It’s the kind of local nonprofit event that Leonard and members of his support team have been discussing to do more, the mayor said, conversations in which Leonard is precise and clear about his intentions.

« His main focus is on giving back to the youth, » said Gutierrez. « He’s calm, but he has his ideas about what to give back. And I appreciate that, we appreciate that and are really excited to have someone from the Moreno Valley who is a star and ready to give something back to the community in which they grew up.  »

Four-time all-star Rajon Rondo will make his Clippers debut on Sunday afternoon against the Lakers, with whom he won his second NBA title less than a year ago.

An adductor injury prevented the 35-year-old point guard from playing in the first three games since the Clippers traded Lou Williams for Atlanta on March 25. Even so, Rondo’s presence in the Clippers camp was felt when his new teammates said it.

« Just his presence and the way he communicates with guys, like in practice, just to guide guys and get acquainted with everyone just to find out how guys like to play, » the said Security guard Luke Kennard on Saturday, noting how much Rondo was involved with the guys huddling during games and practice.

« You could say he’s a leader and he knows the game very well … he’s like that floor general so just his presence has been great for us so far. I’m really looking forward to being with him at the Place to go and just watch him play and look forward to getting that started soon.  »

Clippers coach Tyronn Lue tried to soften expectations and waited on Rondo’s first game since leaving the Hawks, for which he averaged 3.9 points and 3.5 assists this season.
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« In practice it’s easy to go through games, but then you have a game on the fly, it’s a little different, » said Lue. “And I know how smart he is. I just see what it’s picking up and what we can put in while it’s in the game and just try to move on from there. It will be good to see how it hits the ground and where we need to get better and keep working on it.  »

Lue said Patrick Beverley (sore knee) will not play the 12th game in a row and Serge Ibaka (back) is likely to miss his 11th straight.

Not the only time tonight, in fact. Come with the INLAND EMPIRE LOVE! https://t.co/ToRatZu62M pic.twitter.com/FzCaloaCWP

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