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CNN is losing one of its most iconic on-air faces: Anchor Brooke Baldwin, who has been on the cable news network for more than a decade, announced that she is leaving in April.

Baldwin made the announcement during Tuesday’s edition of the CNN Newsroom, which anchors them in the network every weekday. « I’ll be leaving CNN in April. » Thanking the audience and her CNN colleagues for their support, she added, “The next chapter of my life will focus on what I love most about my job: improving the lives of exceptional Americans and my passion for that Use storytelling to unfold well. « She also said that » I don’t have a job I’ll jump into right now « – she’s working on a book – but » I’m so excited about what’s to come. « CNN hasn’t officially announced who will replace Baldwin at 3 p.m., but network anchors Ana Cabrera and Victor Blackwell are poised to take on the time slot with their own programming, according to Yashar Ali of The Huffington Post.

Baldwin is a Peabody Award finalist 2008 joined CNN as a reporter and on-air presenter. She also created and hosted the CNN digital series American Woman, « which focuses on the stories of groundbreaking women who broke barriers in their respective fields and are now helping other women do the same to do, « reads the official description of the network.

1. I want to start with some personal news. ❤️ I will be leaving @CNN in April. I joined this network as a freelancer in 2008. I have mine I wrote my name on a post and taped it outside a temporary office to make my dream of becoming a full-time correspondent for CNN come true.


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