World News – Confederation – League of Legends: [Updated 11/18] Rekkles Fnatic leaves, here is the list of reported FNC 2021


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Fnatic has been relatively quiet this season after finishing top 8 teams in the World League of Legends 2020, but several reports and roster moves have directly or indirectly affected the team. This is the current list reported to Fnatic.

Confirmed player signatures are shown in green. Player departure is confirmed in strikethrough red. Transfers reported by reliable sources are in purple.

First-rate Rao Gabriel « Boibo » told Inven Global earlier this month that there is a 99% chance of staying with Fnatic.. On November 15, Jacob Wolf reported that Zdravets’ support for « Hylissang » Iliev Galabov was re-signing with Fnatic on a one-year contract..

It has been reported that Yasin « Nemesis » Denser is heading to Fnatic to replace Tim « Nemesis » Lipovšek in the middle of the lane. Cloud9 originally reported Nisqy and the rest of her Start List will be sticking together, but she has since split from Laner’s top company Eric « Licorice » Ritchie and is reportedly buying Luka « Perkz » Perković from G2 Esports, who will leave Nisqy without starting a business on C9.

Alfonso « Methi » Aguirre Rodriguez made his coaching debut with Fnatic in 2020, but is said to have been replaced by Jakob « YamatoCannon » Mebdi, who recently coached SANDBOX Gaming in the 2020 Summer KL Championship. .

Fnatic’s biggest question mark is AD freeware carrying Martin « Rekkles » Larsson. Rekkles spent all but one of the eight LEC seasons with Fnatic, but decided to test the waters of the free agency market this off season.

Check back here and on Twitter below for more updates as news continues throughout the free agency period.

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World News – AU – League of Legends: [UPDATED 11/18] Rekkles leaves Fnatic, behold Is the FNC 2021 Reported List


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