World news – Curfew in Delhi: Authorities received over 73,000 electronic passport applications


More than 34,000 applications were rejected because applicants did not fall into the exempted categories according to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) order.

Published: April 07, 2021 21:02 |

Last updated: April 07, 2021 9:02 pm

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Connaught Place wears an abandoned look during the nightly curfew to contain the spread of the coronavirus in New Delhi on Tuesday. (Photo | Parveen Negi, EPS)

NEW DELHI: Shortly after the curfew was enforced in Delhi on Tuesday, authorities in various districts received over 73,000 electronic passport applications, of which only 1,271 were approved.

More than 34,000 applications were denied because applicants did not fall into the exempted categories under the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) ordinance, officials said on Wednesday.

The Delhi government imposed on Tuesday from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am a seven-hour curfew with immediate effect for the entire month as an immediate measure for the « well-being and safety » of the people in the face of the increasing COVID-19 cases in the city.

People need a soft or hard copy of the E-passports to be able to travel during curfew.

After the night closure was imposed on Tuesday, a total of 73,154 applications for e-passports were received.

« Most of the applications were rejected because the applicants did not fall into the exempted categories under the order of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, « the officials said.

Most of the applications were received in New Delhi District at 13,139, followed by 11,661 in the southwest and 9,947 in the south , 7,673 in the west, 6,560 in the northwest and 6,065 in east Delhi.

The New Delhi district had the highest number of rejected applications with 6,074, followed by 5,603 in the east, 5,580 in the west, 4,637 in the south and 3,431 in the west -Delhi.

A total of 6,132 applications were accepted and 51 more were pending. The highest dependency on applications was found in New Delhi at 6,525.

Up to 5,093 applications were pending in the south and 4,102 each in the northwest and southwest.

In the Shahdara district, 1,110 applications were received and 1,105 were pending, as the data showed. East Delhi District, which received 6,065 applications, had the lowest dependency at 42.

Different categories of people including people undergoing COVID-19 vaccination, people connected to essential services, pregnant women , Government officials in Central and Delhi who are involved in emergency services etc. are exempt from curfew.

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