World news – Developers find new name for Monster $ 9.5b discount


The council will provide $ 15,000 in funding to help a group of developers identify the new name for the $ 9.5 billion Caboolture West project.

The satellite city, which is to be built in the next 40 years, is bounded to the north by the D’Aguilar Highway and to the south and west of the Old North Road by the Caboolture River Road.

It is proposed to house 68,700 new residents and accommodate 26,900 homes, as well as 12 schools, retail centers and a private hospital.

Last month the Moreton Bay Regional Council voted for a plan to rename the Caboolture West district.

Residents quickly jumped on board, and many called for the area’s new name to connect with Caboolture’s traditional owners.

« This will be the council’s largest housing project so it’s important that we know the name from the get-go and start development on the right foot, » said Cr Flannery.

« While this 6,663 acre area is west of the Caboolture region, I agree that we need a new name for the residents of this new community to adopt and define as their own name.

Today the council is expected to vote to allocate $ 15,000 to a group of developers and plan to come up with a new name for the precinct.

It follows the state government’s announcement that it will provide a $ 10.5 million loan to assist Moreton Bay and Unitywater Regional Councils in installing the infrastructure needed to support the first stage of the Caboolture West satellite town.

The group of developers, who all have applications for the Caboolture West district before the council, is coordinated by Stockland.

The Council’s report says that they have not yet set out how they intend to carry out the project.

The Council will only provide assistance provided that « adequate community engagement can be achieved by providing information on the results so that the Council is satisfied that the results have sufficient community support and benefit to the community, to justify a possible proposal to change place names « .

The hope is that the new name will better preserve the identity of existing parishes in the Caboolture West district, create a unique identity for new parishes, and examine the development of a name that embodies the vision and aspirations for the area.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council is expected to make a final decision on the project during the March 31st meeting.


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