World news – Escaped monkeys swinging from trees in Cincinnati cemetery


The search is on for several monkeys that have escaped from a private collection in Cincinnati. They were reportedly seen swinging bananas while swinging trees in a cemetery.

Police and volunteers searched St. Joseph’s Cemetery in western town for the approximately five primates after they escaped Price Hill, WDTN reported.

« My mother thought I was crazy. I said, « Look, there are monkeys out here, » said Alycha Tucker, who saw one as she went out to get her cat to the station.

« Then I heard it making a noise, didn’t » ooh ooh aah aah « but grunted so I didn’t know what it was, » she said.

« I just stood there when my eyes got used to the pitch black color and there I saw it, just stood there there, bigger than a garbage can, and his arms were hanging down a very long time and his arms were very thin, « added Tucker.

An animal officer who helped locate it said that monkeys tend to get a spot at night to rest.

Police said they contacted the Cincinnati Zoo to round up the monkeys that were spotted in the area around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Fox reported 19th.

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