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World news – Fans who call the heart believe they know who Elizabeth is voting for

The love triangle officially ends this season.

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Sometime in the eighth season of When Calls the Heart, Elizabeth will put an end to her love triangle with Nathan and Lucas. Take Erin Krakows, the actress who plays Elizabeth, a word for it: « She’s making a choice. It’s time, » she said during an interview with TV Insider.

While Elizabeth has been between her two for the past two seasons As the suitors went back and forth, the audience passionately asked them to put an end to their « shameful behavior ». Understandably, many Hearties are fed up with #TeamNathan and #TeamLucas drama – but most of all, they just want to see Elizabeth love again after experiencing a heartbreak a few years earlier.

« It’s just been a real fight for Elizabeth so far that she might even have the idea to find love again. So there was this hurdle to get over it, « Krakow told TV Insider. « Then I’m just trying to find out which guy really set your heart on fire, who it was who would make you feel this great love again. »

Krakow, who has already mentioned that the decision will only be made later in season 8 assures fans that this new relationship won’t replace Jack and Elizabeth’s love story. « We’re trying to create something different. It was very important to us that whoever chooses Elizabeth, whoever she ends up with, that it’s not just the next man in her life, it’s another great love for her » she continued.

With no indication of who Elizabeth will end up voting (Lucas? Nathan? Anyone New?), fans have used social media to share their own theories.

A Reddit user points this out that Lucas helped Elizabeth close a book publishing deal late last season, which Jack encouraged her to do in the first place. Not only could this bring them closer, but it could also remind them that Lucas supports their dreams as much as Jack does. « She is realizing her dream of becoming a published writer, in part because Lucas encouraged her and enabled her book to be published. This is something that Jack helped her with and is now coming true, » they wrote.

Another fan seems to think that Janette Oke’s book series, which inspired the hit Hallmark show, might have the answer. « I really, really, * really * want Elizabeth to end up with Lucas, but I also realize that in the book she had to marry a Mountie, » they commented on Reddit. But if the show had really followed the books, Elizabeth and Jack would have had two kids instead of one, so this may not necessarily be a good indicator of what’s to come.

The same fan seems to believe that Elizabeth will vote for Lucas and that Nathan will keep his eyes on someone else in Hope Valley. « I also want Nathan to end up with Fiona, specifically the way Kevin McGarry [plays Nathan] watched Kayla Wallace [plays Fiona] during the scene at the train station in season 7, » they continued.

Maybe it all comes back to the fear during the season seven finale when Elizabeth feared that Nathan was shot. « I think the end will be that her heart can’t stand being with another Mountie [Nathan] even though she has feelings for him. He’ll handle it well and say he’s always there for her anyway one fan wrote.

Fans may lean in one direction (#TeamLucas, FTW), but Hearties need to be patient to see who sets Elizabeth’s heart on fire. There is a strong possibility that your thoughts will even change from one episode to the next … much like Elizabeth.

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