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We all knew that day was coming. After successfully dominating the skin care and makeup market, the evil woman RiRi now has her sights set on a new sector: hair. According to Dazed Digital, Rihanna’s company (Roraj Trade LLC) has registered a trademark that includes hair conditioning, hair coloring, hair styling, straightening or relaxing, and hair glitter. No word yet on when Fenty Hair will be launched – but we can only hope it will soon. Get Hyped.

This includes offerings from brands like Dove, Ax, and Vaseline. This strategic move came after Unilever conducted a nine-country study and found that the use of the word « normal » for beauty products had a negative impact on consumers. « We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging won’t fix the problem on its own, but it’s an important step forward, » they write in a press release. « It’s just one of several actions we’re taking as part of our vision of Positive Beauty, which is not just about doing less harm, but doing more good for people and the planet. » The full launch, which should affect more than 200 products, will ideally be completed by March 2022.

In another surprising step, since Gigi Hadid appeared on the catwalk only six months after giving birth, she has hers typical blonde curls colored. Her color of choice: a light ginger that apparently pays homage to Beth Harmon from Queen’s Gambit. The famous hairdresser Panos Papandrianos was responsible for the new look. « Obsessed. Ginger hot, » he wrote before posting a shot of Hadid rocking her new Do on Instagram. Uh, the same.

The model posted a selfie a week ago that revealed baby bangs that looked like a deliberate style choice. She followed him with the headline: « I may not be a Bond girl, but I can be a Bond villain (postpartum baby hair comes through !!!). » Her gallery featured a picture of actor Anatole Taubman, who had a similar style for his role 007: Quantum of Solace. Aside from having a great sense of humor, the internet has also praised Graham for being open about pregnancy-related issues. Emily Ratajkowski puts it so succinctly: « I mean, damn it, you take it off. »

This is an intense treatment that seeks to revitalize aging, damaged skin through a three-pronged approach. We talk about breaking through the skin barrier in order to deliver nourishing ingredients to the skin. Renewal and regeneration of skin cells; and then create new tissue to create a stronger, healthier complexion than ever before. Get it now at all La Prairie counters and boutiques.

Enter: the Ryan Mega Mushroom Treatment Lotion. The lovable bear wears a mushroom hat on the front and in the middle. an embodiment of the main ingredient of the product. In a press release, the brand reveals that Ryan epitomizes the Origins philosophy of « never stopping to discover ». This is related to her search for « nature’s most powerful ingredients » and the identification of « safer alternatives » and « groundbreaking science to produce transformative results for your skin ». Available in Sephora stores from March 30th. The Origins boutiques will be available from April 1st.

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