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Megan Is Missing has sparked a renewed interest in the horror genre that has been found. The movie, released in 2011 but surprisingly popular years later thanks to TikTok, uses the format to tell the story of a missing teen girl and her friend who sets out to find out what happened to her.

If you’re brave enough to watch Megan Is Missing (even the movie he directed has issued a warning not to watch it alone), you might be prepared for more hidden footage concerns. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from in the genre – and like Megan Is Missing, none of it is actually real, no matter how compelling it sounds..

If you’re in the mood for a classic backtrack, we suggest The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity. Or maybe you’re looking for an independent movie like Creep or Willow Creek. Regardless of your tastes, there is likely to be a movie clips that will suit your preferences.

We’ve rounded up seven other found movies like Megan Is Missing If You’re In Good Scary, and you can stream them all now. Check out the list below:

If we’re collecting footage of found horror movies we should include the most famous one, The Blair Witch Project.. The 1999 movie, which follows a group of film students who travel to a town in Connecticut hoping to record footage of the Blair Witch killer, was so compelling that audiences thought it was real when it debuted..

The host, the new original Shudder movie, picks up a video chat that went wrong, making it the perfect scary movie for the era of social distancing – it even happens during a pandemic! Six friends get together for the weekly Zoom call, but this time, they bring in a moderator to help with a sit-down session. What starts out as a fun activity turns into a terrifying evening when they accidentally summon a demon to attack them one by one while others watch it through the screen..

Paranormal Activity, another classic in the found horror genre, marks the first movie in the now popular franchise that spawned five more. Paranormal activity shows the slow decline of couple Katie and Mika as they continue to struggle with the sinister presence in their new home. While Katie is convinced that something sinister is living with them, Micah is not sure, but he has set up a camera anyway to record all the disturbing events happening in their home.

Mark Duplass stars in Creep, a 2014 movie about a man (Patrick Price) answering an online advertisement portraying a stranger in his home. Joseph (Duplas), the man who posted the ad, claims he’s dying and wants to make a movie for his unborn child.. As the day goes by, Joseph’s requests become more and more stranger, and he’s clearly plotting something darker.

Cloverfield begins with an evening of celebration as a group of friends gather in New York City to bid farewell to Rob before he leaves for a new job in Japan.. But while they are all having a good time chatting and drinking, the lights suddenly go out and they head to the roof, where they see a terrible explosion also striking them soon.. Monsters land in the city, killing and destroying everything in its wake. While they brought a camera to Rob’s party to capture happy memories, they ended up recording more disturbing footage that night..

Willow Creek traces the journey of a man (Bryce Johnson) and his girlfriend (Alexie Gilmore) as they travel into the woods in search of Bigfoot. They bring a camera on their journey to document any sightings and to record everything they see along the way, but their journey becomes less fun and more of a battle for survival when the Bigfoot menace begins.

In 2014 As Above, So Below documents a group of archaeologists who traveled to Paris to explore the city’s catacombs.. The road is led by Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Wicks), who has spent her whole life trying to find the Philosopher’s Stone Flamel, and hopes her underground journey will lead her to her. The group doesn’t know that much awaits them underground, and they wish to never begin their descent.

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World News – GB – 7 « Found Footage » horror movies you can stream right now


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