World news – GB – A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton talks openly about « airbrush » for mourning


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A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton has spoken candidly on social media about using the inhaler, after receiving inquiries about a’ scar ‘she lips.

The Channel 4 star, who has topped the real estate show since 2012, posted a gorgeous selfie on Instagram last week, encouraging her followers to « embrace scars, marks, and blemishes ».

The caption wrote: “Thanks to everyone who followed Insta-Live last night. . . I have been asked a lot recently about the « scar » on my lips.

“It’s only small but whenever I take professional photos it looks like it was sprayed in the air and I’m not sure why? It’s actually my mother-in-law and if it’s a scar I don’t think it should be sprayed with spray. . . Scars, marks, and blemishes tell stories and we have to embrace them # Scars # Distinctive marks # Flaws # Embrace.

Laura’s followers were clearly in agreement with the presenter’s feelings. Someone commented below the post: “You definitely have no reason to brush anything, and you look great as usual..

He repeated this again, writing: “I have never noticed that, everyone should be accepted for their truth, and not try to clarify defects or put them under the microscope.” While a third message flowed: “Certainly Laura well said, Beautiful x.

Laura has been on TV a lot lately thanks to Channel 4, which now broadcasts A Place in the Sun on Sunday evenings.. Presenter and co-star, Johnny Irwin, appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch recently to celebrate the show’s arrival to prime time, when the two recalled a dramatic on-set moment.. .

Johnny told Steve, “We were filming in Spain, and the proud owner was out and before every home I went and made sure I knew where everything was and thought, ‘I just need another poke in that garden’ I just know what I’m talking about before they get in there.

« So I ran into the house on purpose, of course they locked the patio door, and I went straight through it. Then I fell on my knees all of a sudden, like, « What’s going on? » Blood everywhere, the owner couldn’t believe it..

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World News – GB – A Place in the Sun Laura Hamilton speaks candidly about ‘airbrush’ to mourn


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