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World News – GB – Andrea McLean opens up on Loose Women on possibility of suicide after SAS

The Scottish presenter was on the other side of the panel today as she honestly said she suffered a blackout last year

The Scottish presenter was on the other side of the panel today as she gave an honest account of her outage last year

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Loose Women panelist Andrea McLean explained that she suffered a silent blackout after appearing on SAS: Who Dares Wins

Glasgow-born Andrea, who usually hosts the afternoon show, sat in the hot seat for her ‘bravest interview yet’ to discuss her new book ‘This Girl is on Fire: How to Live, Learn and Thrive in a Life You Love ‘

In the book, Andrea says her outage was triggered by her appearance on the popular SAS show: Who Dares Wins

She said, « What happened to me is you all know that I left and did a SAS: Who Dares Wins? And I remember the days when you were are all saying ‘You are crazy I don’t know why you are doing this program’

« I remember coming back and people asking me what it was like and I said, ‘Oh yeah, it was pretty brutal but I didn’t get into what was going on. actually spent there

« The best way to describe this is that there was a time when you put a black cotton bag on your head and walked, you were questioned and there was a time when this bag my head was ripped off and it was as if this mask that we all wore, the mask of wife, mom, professional got ripped off and that’s what happened at that moment

She continued, « What I was going through when I came back were some really traumatic things that had happened to me in my life, I had moved on and I had left them behind and I had done this. that many women have done there are some: I put them in a box, I buried them in the garden and I put a tree on it and I put a swing on the tree!

« And we don’t look in this box anymore, and we think it’s fixed and it’s not

« And at that point, I did SAS, the box opened and I couldn’t put everything back in place and that’s what I was dealing with »

She said: « I really thought about putting this in the book because there is so much shame in looking away from the bullet financially

« You can’t write a book to tell women to get over it without literally laying it all out on the table and one of those things was I would financially look away when my head was in the wrong space »

The mom of two also said it was scary to look back on some traumatic moments while writing the book

She said: « This is something I think a lot of people who have had the experience that I have will understand how difficult it is

« It’s scary to write a book like this because you literally push a wound that you gave yourself so much love and care to finally let it heal and scab and write a pound you’re sort of poking it and plucking it, so why do it? « 

Andrea continued, « It all started with a phone call and it was someone we know in our family and we were all on the phone and they were moaning and throwing the same things that they had been moaning and throwing for years

« It was the same problem that we had offered advice on and they just didn’t take it and they were bumping into each other and I was going through what I was going through and I was just like, ‘Do you know what? I can’t listen to this anymore

« I have walked up some stairs and I have a notebook with me everywhere I go and I literally sat on the floor of my bedroom and wrote the prologue to what has become a book

It is not only for people who have had very raw and very difficult personal experiences like me, but also generally for women who find themselves stuck and do nothing to fix it and that is to show them that , you can! « 

Andrea McLean, Loose Women, Channel 4, ITV

World News – UK – Andrea McLean talks Loose Women on the possibility of committing suicide after SAS

SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com


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