World News – GB – ATP Finals LIVE: Dominic Thiem vs Stefanos Tsitsipas


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The ATP Finals 2020 kicks off today with Dominic Tim and Stefanos Tsitsipas opening year-end event.

Tim and Tsitsipas at « London 2020 Group » with Andrew Roblev and Rafael Nadal, who will meet later tonight. Tomorrow will see Novak Djokovic, Daniel Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, and Diego Schwartzman participate in the « 1970 Tokyo Group ».

With Roger Federer out due to injury, this means that Djokovic is the most prominent candidate to win the event and claim his sixth ATP Finals title, but he will face a lot of competition, not the least of which is Rafael Nadal who is still in the first competition here, and the United States is the champion Open tim. Follow all the action directly below.

Tim sends a big serve down on the T-end and follows it with a spiteful forward blow on the net for 0-15. Tsitsipas responds by winning an impressive rally with a precise backhand – right in the corner. Tim sends a hard next blow, while hitter Tseppas veers away.

Thiem goes to 40-15 with a superb shot on the forehand, and closes his fist with some more impressive net play.

Tsitsipas opened this match by reversing Tim’s last two missions – a non-returnable serve followed by a header. A short rally follows, and Tim pulls a backhand onto the tram lines to see Tsitsipas move to 0-40. Then the Greek seals his grip on love with another ace.

Tim sending deep and return high and wide tetpas. Then the Greek made a mistake again, this time an unintended mistake in the form of a wide front blow. Tim with ace 40-0 and his next serve is also non-refundable. Another decade of love for the Austrian.

The couple settle into service games now – Tsitsipas gives up just one point en route to hold.

It’s Thiem’s ​​turn to hold on to love, then switch his racket before Tsitsipas’ next service game..

Tim returns with Tsitsipas first serving and Greece stumbling. He made it 15-15 times with another great shot, though, before moving a wide backhand – not the first time this afternoon.. An uncommon bug – on the net – follows Tsitsipas and Tim has two breakpoints . . .

Tsitsipas with two big opponents though, saving the first break point. Next point: the same play, making it 40-40. The Greek then subtracts the match point after Thiem tries to drop the ball behind the baseline. Tsitsipas secures control with a good backhand across the field.

Some great tennis out there from the Greek to save the 2 break points and get the mission done.

Thiem mixes it with a go-to 15-40, a high-quality shot to create an accurate drop ball. He tried the same again, but Tsitsipas is in better position and fired a frontal kick at the Austrian for 40-30. .

Thiem clamps his fist with some heavy blows to the ground, the latest of which sees Tsitsipas’ pass attempt fall into a narrow range.

Beautiful opening point of Tsitsipas; Big serve and huge forehands force Tim into a lob that falls deep into the rear, and although the Austrian is able to recover the subsequent decisive blow, Tsitsipas secures the point with a clever shot.. . He quickly moves to 40-0 and sees Thiem foul Greek control.

Tim delivered a wide serve, followed by a superb shot with a 15-0 front kick. He quickly moves to 30-0 before making a double foul. He then made Tsitsipas 30-30 after he forced Thiem into a wide backhand by storming the net.

However, a series of powerful ground hits from the world’s No. 3 player brings out the point of the game. Tsitsipas can save him for the Devil, but a weak slice drifts into the net and Thiem closes the match at the next point..

Tsitsipas struggles a bit to find the rhythm and range for now, and is 15-30 late. Thiem sends out a slightly long front blow, and the pair is at the 30-30 level. A big serve upsets Thiem to give Tsitsipas a match point, but the world’s number 6 player strikes a fore on the tram to equalize. .

The Greek tries to serve and a direct shot from his second serve, but a backhand shot hits the net. He is able to memorize the break point, although he makes Tim run into a competitive point and hit the Austrian backhand while moving the bar..

Some strong Tsitsipas play earns him a match point, but passes away with a backhand. A forehand shot neatly at the next point gives the Greek another match point, and he repeats the trick on the net to maintain his toughness.. Scarcely.

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World news – GB – ATP Finals LIVE: Dominic Thiem Stefanos Tsetsipas
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