World News – GB – Brian Moore’s on-air ‘bulimia’ comment sparks a Twitter storm


BBC commentator Brian Moore has shocked many people on Twitter after lightly wondering if an Irish player vomiting on the pitch was the result of’ bulimia ‘

Ireland and France fought to challenge England for the Six Nations Championship in the last game of the long 2020 season

At around 20 minutes, cameras showed Irishman Cian Healy throwing up on the pitch, likely from a head collision A few minutes later, he would be fired for an HIA, which he eventually adopted

As the footage of Healy rolled, former England hooker Moore, who has carved out a career as a rugby expert, columnist and commentator since retiring in the 1990s, suggested the vomiting was possibly the result of bulimia

While clearly meant as a light-hearted comment, this was enough to trigger Twitter « That was a stupid comment from Brian Moore Disappointing, » a poster wrote

« Brian Moore just made a joke about bulimia live on the BBC by commenting on #FRAvIRE Shameful behavior » wrote an indignant tweeter

Brian Moore just made a joke about bulimia live on the BBC by commenting #FRAvIRE

« Please tell me that the BBC Sport commentator didn’t just make a ‘bulimia’ joke because Cian Healy was making himself sick on the pitch? » said another

Tell me the @BBCSport commentator didn’t just make a bulimia joke because Cian Healy was making himself sick in the field ??? #SixNations #FRAvIRE

Disappointed that @BBCO didn’t take the opportunity to apologize for Brian Moore’s stupid comment Saying nothing is an acceptance of #SixNations #FRAvIRE behavior

Still in shock from Brian Moore saying bulimia when Healy was spitting in the first half of #FravIre Complain to the BBC with thoughts I’m not sure to share here But I want to show solidarity with anyone who is in pain or who suffered from this serious and terrible disease

Dear @BBCSport, it’s not appropriate for Brian Moore to play a bulimia joke when commenting on a game on your channelTwittercom / 8yL6zsuZlQ

Just Brian Moore making a bulimia joke on the game commentary Nothing to see here #FRAvIRE picTwittercom / AEd1tjo4WV

@Nigelrefowens, did you hear @ brianmoore666 making a bulimia “joke” on the @BBCSport Six Nations cover? As a victim myself, I think it’s important that he and the BBC recognize that this was inappropriate

@ brianmoore666 hope you get fired after your horrible rugby bulimia joke tonight #sacked #bbc #bbcrugby

If nothing is said @BBCSport @BBCWatchdog about this bulimia comment, then the BBC just tolerates it! Can’t believe no apology was made If a swear word is taken you get an immediate apology, terrible comment about illness and mental health nothing!

Recently, former England cricketer Freddy Flintoff revealed that he secretly battled bulimia during his career as a professional cricketer

Bulimia is described as an emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which episodes of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or vomiting or self-induced purges

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News from around the world – UK – Brian Moore’s bulimia commentary triggers a storm on twitter


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