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Hello and welcome to our live blog for today’s pre-match press conference as head coach Dean Holden discusses Friday’s game against Cardiff City

Expect updates on a number of items as we ask the Town Chief the questions, including whether Tyreeq Bakinson could play on Friday, how Joe Williams and Liam Walsh do and more

The next game is live on Sky Sports as the Robins now look to secure back-to-back wins and a second triumph at Cardiff City Stadium in consecutive seasons

Neil Harris’ side have been of mixed form and a fourth road win for Holden’s side may be enough to temporarily hoist them into the automatic promotion spots

It’s always a team that takes the lead and plays with a bit of physics – and you have to do that to win a football game It’s not just about good football games You have to have a little anything to get a result

They have real offensive threats and they have mixed 4-4-2 with two forwards and maybe 4-2-3-1 with Wilson who is a very good player who plays in front They have a mixture of play direct and very good players in these front zones

I talked to Andi the other day and it’s never pleasant He’s one of those players who never gets hurt either, so it’s been weird to take, but it’s definitely the character who will bounce back

Fingers crossed, his recovery is as quick as possible and he will be back, hopefully towards the end of the season if he can

It was different and I might have expected to play left-back this season, but I’ve played the role of midfielder internationally and a few times this season, but I think there is more to give

I always feel like you haven’t seen the best of me and what I can do Even in recent games I feel like I did well, but I’m looking to to be much better I look forward to it and the more playing time the better

I think that [played a big part in the victory against Huddersfield] I naturally think of going to attack a bit

I thought we were solid, but I guess somehow they were pressing high, you kind of had to play from the back and is there any point in doing that? We went to a four in the back and had more players on the pitch

I think even though Fam, Antoine and Pato get into position and on where they are going to affect the game and the legs fresh It was tough, I feel good, but just at the start of the games for the last 20 minutes , they’re pretty tough and you needed those cool legs And what three players to bring

It was actually a relief, a relief to go there – especially to go at halftime and feel like we didn’t deserve it [to be a loser]

We were in control, we had a few chances and it was just a loss of focus, two guys for the same ball and you are 1-0

So you think about hell, you go to halftime Obviously the substitutes are a game changer I thought we were strong too up to this point and then dominated them for about half an hour

I’m going to a game on Saturday and there are a few games to watch on Sunday also to watch Back on the first 11 games and where we are, take stock of what awaits us and especially what awaits us, because it is what we can affect

There will be a lot of preparation No real days off You can still work but relax, without the pressures of a game every three days I will continue to work but at the same time it will be in a calm and pleasant

Pep Guardiola was speaking on TV the other day about injuries and the fact that there has been a 42% increase in soft tissue injuries in the Premier League

This is a one-off situation that we’ve never been through before and, in fact, other than a two-week period that players had before showing up to preseason for the following season. , we actually have almost two one with a two week break

Right now I think the five subs would help because seven games in 20 days is a long stint But at the same time I’m not sitting here apologizing I would never do that

The larger conversation needs to be about player health first. This is probably not always the case

It’s about evaluating each player individually. You can’t group guys together even if some of them are out of contract

As a football club we are chatting all the time Looking at the team and looking to the future and looking at the players on and off contract and like I say these discussions will be going on and in particular these next few weeks, which gives us a chance away from the day to have a broader look at the club and where we are

Nothing will happen until tomorrow and we’ll see where we are in this international break It gives us a chance to sit down and take stock of the first 11 games of the season, the team, the injuries, who is available and who is not and see where we are in terms of window in January

You never really know with certain injuries and you have to go out three or four times a week and at press conferences and answer about it, you are never quite sure about that

Again these boys are working hard behind the scenes with the staff and let’s leave this break and see where they stand

We’ll have to see about that. He’s recovering and we’ll have to see if he can join the team tomorrow

Like I said before we are a little light at the moment But we take care of what we can cope with which is the group of players we have And everyone is giving absolutely everything for the time to come together so that this good start to the season continues

Yes, I’m interested in all that stuff [expected goals, etc.] I think the psychology of the game, the statistics, the data, the analysis

There are so many now You have to be careful that it doesn’t get too much and I think there are sometimes too many stats available

I focus only on the important ones We are in a good position and we are just looking for the next three points

I just heard someone on TV say the old cliché that 10 or 11 games give you a little cue

Is this really true? I’m not so sure As things start to move during this international break and get closer to Christmas, I think this will give us a really good guide And we’re in a good position

We are in a strong position with a couple of things going against us The following three points are all we focus on

It was an important victory There is no escaping this The race in which we participated, everyone is looking for the next three points

Like I said before, it’s what we do behind the scenes that gets us those three points.It’s about the preparation of the players, the mentality, the professionalism to continue when the things seem to be against you

And we’ve been tested as a team from day one of the season It’s about sticking together and being confident the next win is imminent We’ve been in every game this season – even the Norwich game where we were defensively open and at the same time we had a few moments to give problems to a really superior team

We competed really well in every match It’s the next challenge that awaits us now that we can’t wait

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