World News – GB – England 0-1 Denmark: Eriksen penalty wins after Maguire sees red


Posted: 6:30 PM EDT October 14, 2020 | Updated: 9:57 p.m. EDT October 14, 2020

Jose Mourinho wouldn’t have liked it a bit, and he wouldn’t have been alone

Harry Kane, over 90 minutes, will have angered Tottenham manager Jack Grealish, absent for the same time, could have done it for the rest of the country There was also a red card for Harry Maguire, a pandemonium around of Jordan Pickford and a loss that makes it very difficult for England to return to the UEFA Nations League final Yet it is the lack of flair in an England team that we imagine affectionately invaded that will have the most disappointed

When Grealish excelled against Wales at Wembley last week, most believed he would at least have a role to play in international competitions Yet in a game where, at ten men after 31 minutes, England needed a running back, a striker who could run at his opponents, beat a man, maybe foul, he was left badly. loved among unused replacements

Christian Eriksen broke away from the penalty spot to give the visitors the lead against England at 10

Harry Maguire received a red card shortly after the half hour after collecting his second yellow for a follow-up

A superb reflex save by Kasper Schmeichel prevented Mason Mount from scoring an equalizer for England in the second half

Instead, similar replacements abounded Jordan Henderson for Declan Rice; Dominic Calvert-Lewin for Marcus Rashford; a small exception with Jadon Sancho for Mason Mount Yet Grealish is one of the fit men at the start of this season Aston Villa steals and he too What was there to lose, in a game where England were already at the train?

England: Pickford, James, Coady, Maguire, Maitland-Niles (Mings 36), Walker, Rice (J Henderson 75), Phillips, Mount (Sancho 73), Rashford (Calvert-Lewin 72), Kane;

Denmark: Schmeichel, Wass, Kjaer, Christensen (Jorgensen 46), Skov (Maehle 46), Delaney, Hojbjerg (Jensen 87), Poulsen, Eriksen, Braithwaite (Vestergaard 73), Dolberg (Sisto 37);

So it was disappointing, as it must have been for Mourinho to see Kane still captain when the final whistle rang, still taking the odd kick and struggling widely to have an impact on the game Gareth Southgate insisted the player was not injured – and had the scans to prove it – but Mourinho had demanded that Kane be treated with consideration and not overused; a complete change here was probably not what he had in mind

Kudos to Southgate for being his own man Some former England managers might have caved under pressure from the club At the same time, there’s invariably a return on investment after bursts like this – although the former can be verbal We’ll find out if actions follow words the next time an England team is named

Overall a tough night for Southgate and England Reece James was the best, forcing a brilliant save from Kasper Schmeichel with a late free kick, but problems persist, and for some key players too The Cup of the world 2018 seems a very long time ago for its star Harry Maguire

The sad reality for Harry Maguire these days is that his name appears far too often in sentences containing the word shambles Manchester United’s defensive mess; England’s defensive mess And there’s Maguire, the world’s most expensive defender, increasingly unhappy, architect of his downfall Bouncing on international duty following a 6-1 home loss to Manchester United v Tottenham, Maguire was sent off here after 31 minutes in what quickly became three minutes of calamity for England

He didn’t start well either, booked after just five minutes for a bad tackle against Dane Yussuf Poulsen Maguire dived and caught Poulsen late and high, a pretty savage error in judgment It was arguably more than a yellow, but just less than a red Dark Orange Unable to produce a card of the correct color, referee Jesus Gil Manzano opted for a reservation So it was madness to the extreme later in the mid -time when Maguire tried to correct an error by diving into a second step

There was little mitigation for this one It was a terrible first contact for Maguire, not under extreme pressure, the ball bouncing off him and falling inviting towards Kasper Dolberg, who smelled a break on goal Maguire attempted to recover, too desperately, too recklessly, throwing himself into the tackle again, lead leg extended He cut the ball off but his follow-up cleaned out the lively Dolberg – he would be replaced shortly after from the injury, so there is no suggestion of exaggeration – and instantly Manzano was looking for his cards

Kane had a first glance at goal, but saw his effort just outside the penalty box blocked by a defender

The mount arrived at the signature after a good link up and to the right, but its removal could not find its target

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford ran out of his goal to beat Martin Braithwaite on the ball and mop up the danger

Kane was picked in the box by Mount but couldn’t sort his feet quickly enough to make decent contact with the ball

Maguire had the flaw of feigned innocence and protest, but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it He knew this one was on him, the 17th red card for a fully vindicated senior English player Au fact, it doesn’t get any easier Poulsen, the man who was too quick for him at the start, plays for Manchester United’s Champions League group opponents RB Leipzig

Ainsley Maitland-Niles was to be sacrificed during the reorganization of England, with Tyrone Mings introduced, but before that could happen Gareth Southgate’s night got considerably worse Another mess unfolded

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Kyle Walker failed to handle a relatively tame ball, with Thomas Delaney jumping around as he tried to subdue him For whatever reason, Jordan Pickford saw this as an opportunity to get involved in the piece Why, who knows? Walker didn’t have the ball under control, but neither did Delaney Pickford’s arrival on the scene only added to the sense of panic, made worse by the fact that the goalkeeper also couldn’t reach the Scrambling ball, Walker managed to foul Delaney Maybe

England were in control before finding themselves in embarrassment after Maguire poorly controlled and caught up with Dolberg on the stretch

Denmark celebrated after Eriksen converted a penalty minutes after Maguire’s red to leave England with a mountain to climb

It didn’t sound like much – indeed, first impressions suggested handball as much as a foul, although reruns don’t confirm it – but Delaney fell and Manzano pointed the finger at the spot Southgate continues to select Pickford arguing he didn’t make costly mistakes for England, but it was a worse sticky situation and confusing things rather than solving them Christian Eriksen stepped up his 100th appearance and pierced him straight down the middle Pickford helpfully dove aside

It wasn’t a good half for England Reece James put some excellent crosses into the box, but the English attackers failed to attack them Mason Mount took good positions, but his last ball disappointed, and on one occasion it hit the grass instead The only time he handed the ball to Harry Kane the England captain trapped him under his feet and the danger passed Kasper Schmeichel’s only save came from a 30-yard drive from Marcus Rashford, collected comfortably

So Denmark had the best Poulsen almost put Dolberg at the near post after seven minutes, while Dolberg fell to meet a corner of Eriksen moments later with Kalvin Phillips deflecting his shot right next to it


England had a good opportunity to equalize on a free kick, but Reece James’ fierce strike swung over the bar

England captain Kane makes a frustrated figure on a hopelessly disappointing night with Gareth Southgate’s men

Conor Coady nearly snatched the equalizer to death, but his head was superbly led by Simon Kjaer

After Harry Maguire’s red card in the first half, Christian Eriksen’s penalty made the difference in the end, as Denmark overtake England in the Nations League table

I believe a red card was also given after a miserable full time ended a miserable night

England’s last chance to put the ball into the box is wasted by Pickford on a free kick – he completely confuses the ball and barely leaves the ground

Kane’s chip at the back post is directed by Coady to the far corner, but Captain Kjaer clears the line for Denmark!

Another chance for England to load the box with a free kick, but Schmeichel manages to put a fist in the ball

Phillips this time is booked, for hastily gaining the ball from a Danish player while trying to rush a free kick

Reservation for Jordan Henderson for dissent, after Kalvin Phillips was penalized for a * foul * in the center of the park

The ball hits Yurary Poulsen inside the box, but her shot is tame and straight to Pickford

A little scrum in the corner box – Coady tries to fly it back to goal – is it cut ?!

Reece James wins in his first start, and he’s knocked down by Schmeichel – good shot, but straight in the middle

Calvert-Lewin does well to win the header from Kane, who is fouled on the edge of the box by Delaney

Phillips gets caught on the ball by Eriksen, and it’s 3v2 But Eriksen’s dismissal at Sisto is pretty quick and the substitute can’t quite cope with it, as Coady pushes wide to block the shoot

Double change for England – Marcus Rashford and Mason Mount OFF, Jadon Sancho and Dominic Calvert-Lewin ON

Sisto’s cross from the left has Walker looking at the ball and Daniel Wass has a free header running, but he flies over the bar

Rice wins the header at the far post, then Mount’s header has some good power – but Schmeichel sort of claws the ball with his left hand!

A few more glimpses for England now Kane and Rashford both have long shots, and the latter wins a corner

Rear wing to rear wing as Walker sends the ball to James, who steps in on his left foot and tests Schmeichel with a solid shot, well held by the Leicester keeper

Still no change from Southgate, although England are struggling to hold the ball on the minute

We’ve seen these fly in the upper corner before, but United haven’t worn their shooting boots tonight until then

Denmark everywhere now – England does not have time to receive it

Eriksen has a pop from afar after a nice build up, but he sails over the bar

We are back at Wembley – double change for the Danes at the break: Maehle Pedersen for Skov and M Jorgensen for Christensen, who was booked at the end of the first period

Harry Maguire was sent off after 31 minutes for two brash tackles, then Christian Eriksen converted on the spot after a severe penalty against Kyle Walker

Denmark leads! 🇩🇰Christian Eriksen makes no mistakes on the spot after penalty against Kyle Walker 📺 Watch live now on Sky Sports picTwittercom / 6FPB9BoBu1

Oh no Harry Maguire 🟥 Manchester United man sent off for second yellow card after just 30 minutes against Denmark 📺 Watch #NationsLeague clash live now on Sky Sports picTwittercom / hMiNY946UT

Everything is happening right now Kane transforms Andreas Christensen from Chelsea and is stopped at the halfway line – final reservation

The Danes are also making a change – Kasper Dohlberg is retiring (following that Maguire injury perhaps?) for Pione Sisto

England changes right away – Maitland-Niles is the one sacrificed, with Tyrone Mings coming

Right in the middle of the ex-Tottenham man, and it’s been a shocking few minutes for England – they’re hanging out and 10 men away at Wembley!

England get involved from the box and a foul by Walker on Delaney

And no bias it’s just not a foul Walker barely touches him and if anything it’s a foul the other way around

It’s a bad first contact and his follow-up to retrieve the ball catches Kasper Dolberg on the ankle!

Maguire knows what’s to come and after perhaps completing his first challenge, there is no second chance here for the Man Utd captain!

Rice’s diagonal ball finds best friend Mason Mount perfectly in the penalty area, but his dismissal at Kane for shooting isn’t kind to the captain, and he can’t quite get the ball out of his hands. feet to pull the trigger!

Promising position for Eriksen’s right foot, after James got caught on the wrong side, but his free kick is poor and doesn’t beat the first man!

An early cross from Reece James into the box is too quick for Kane and Rashford, and Denmark clears from the next corner

But the Man Utd man loses the ball three times in a row, giving Denmark possession in threatening areas!

At the last opportunity, he opens for former Spurs man Christian Eriksen, but he flares up

England have entered twice on the right, but are unable to find the final product yet

Antoine Griezmann, who scored in the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia, scores against them again tonight

Brilliant start from Denmark, who almost caught England napping after a quick corner-kick routine, but Kasper Dolberg’s shot was deflected into the side net by a roughly alert. sufficient Kalvin Phillips

I’m telling you what, it’s pretty nasty it’s Probably still yellow, but not great from the Man Utd captain

Early opening for Harry Kane’s return to the edge of the box, but his left-footed shot is blocked and deflected into Schmeichel’s arms

Start 🆚 Denmark First Goal 🆚 WalesConor Coady spoke to @SkySports ahead of his third game for the #ThreeLions: photoTwittercom / cwIbef2TAV

Kudos to @MaitlandNiles and @ reecejames_24, who are both making their full debuts for #ThreeLions tonight! 👏 photoTwittercom / OyqVOmOG3A

Welcome to Sportsmail’s live coverage of England v Denmark in the UEFA Nations League tonight – kick off at Wembley is at 7.45pm

We’ll also bring you all the updates and scores from all other games tonight, including actions involving Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland!

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World News – GB – England 0-1 Denmark: Eriksen wins after Maguire saw red


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