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Fan abuse of soccer players has always been a common occurrence, unfortunately – it’s inevitable.

I always found it strange that the « fans » offend players on a team that you’re supposed to support, but I accepted that it was always there.

Frank Lampard struggled with it as a West Ham player, and ironically it was partly a reason for him leaving the club.

But the difference between past and present is that Lampard can get away with it if he needs to, while today’s players are constantly focusing on their phones, browsing social media.

Yes, players from the Lampard era had newspapers to deal with, but the sharpness and consistency are much worse now – there’s nowhere to hide.

If Lampard needs to get away from him, he can go and enjoy a drink with friends without using them all on their phone.

Just watch the Tottenham documentary on Amazon Prime and check out Jose Mourinho’s Instagram account. . . Can’t believe how players are permanently stuck in their phones.

But what this does is get into players’ heads and increase the risk of players suffering on the field as a result. It can affect even the most powerful of people.

I was never against submitting your opinions and criticisms about players’ performance or abilities – it is your right as a fan.

If you feel that a player should give more after you’ve spent your hard-earned money watching it, it’s fair to say so.

However, displaying personal abuse or wishing to harm the player or his family. This is the kind of thing that can send a player over the edge.

Of course I have similar feelings and offered my views on different players. It’s natural as a fan.

But when it becomes intentional and targets the same online player on a daily basis, insults at his wife and children and wishes to harm them – then the danger begins.

I don’t want to hear that they are making thousands of pounds per week and they should be able to handle it – this is totally irrelevant, they are just human.

A small group of blues fans was keen to target Jebel simply because of not evaluating it and believing that other stars should play against it.

It’s the same thing in the England setting – fans target Mount because he was picked up before Jack Grealish for example..

Whether or not you rate Grealish on Mount, it’s not a player’s fault that the manager picks him up rather than someone you rate higher.

Fair enough if that is what you think, but displaying abuse and constant targeting of an online player will have a negative impact on his performance and thus on his team’s performance.. . .

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World News – Britain – abuse of fans must stop. . The Chelsea star cannot be blamed for the England Grillish row
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