World news – GB – Giants vs Buccaneers goal: Tampa Bay wins behind two TD assists from Tom Brady and two INTs from Daniel Jones


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The Buccaneers, after leading 14-3 in the first half, rallied to beat the Giants 25-23 on « Monday Night Football » Tampa Bay had to sweat to secure their sixth victory, as the defensive back rookie Antoine Winfield Jr broke Daniel Jones’ two-point pass that would have tied the game 28 seconds to go

Tampa Bay converted two second-half Jones interceptions to 10 points Tom Brady’s third-quarter touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski gave the Buccaneers their first Tampa Bay lead, after a Giants basket, took over the advantage on an eight-yard touchdown pass from Brady to Mike Evans with 9:02 to go The Giants’ defense, who played well for most of the night, gave their side a chance to even the score after holding the Buccaneers to a basket in their next practice

Jones, who designed three Giants’ scoring practices earlier in the game, provided two fourth passes before hitting Golden Tate for 18 yards with 18 seconds left. Jones, who punched Dion Lewis for a touchdown in the first quarter, was unable to reconnect with Lewis in the Giants’ two-point attempt as the Buccaneers escaped with their sixth win of the season

As the Giants cooled, the Bucs warmed up, especially on the offensive side of the ball despite a slow start, in which Tom Brady and Co settled for three consecutive goals and couldn’t muster much with Ronald Jones on the pitch, Bruce Arians’ side flashed their guns – with no injured Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown on hold, remember – just enough Brady rarely impressed but did a tremendous job spreading the ball all over the place. the field in the second half, with eight different targets shooting at least two passes Mike Evans came big with a strong-time reel score And Leonard Fournette ran hard despite average numbers Defensively, Todd Bowles’ unit might have looked a lot worse if Daniel Jones had simply taken advantage of multiple mismatches individual and had almost yielded a last-minute lead, while taking advantage of Jones’ errant throws to find two points to remember

As is often the case when evaluating Giants games, it’s hard to say that Daniel Jones was the only reason New York lost, as he had athletic and daring plays in key locations, pulling the G-Men to within two points on an exciting final workout Too often, however, he was also the one holding back New York’s offense Jason Garrett’s play call didn’t do him a ton favors, but neither was Garrett responsible for squarely missing a handful of wide-open deep shots, forcing outside throws under pressure and waiting too long to deliver potential play. – a two-point pass that ended up sealing the Bucs victory Once again, he was not alone; Garrett inexplicably called on Alfred Morris for eight valuable touches, and Sterling Shepard seemed to misjudge a potential TD route.But it wasn’t about the defense, who played hard, chased Brady and stood firm when he had to It was mostly on a QB who flashed but ultimately failed to do enough little things to deserve the win

Second run Second scrimmage in second period The Giants started their first series of the third quarter on their own 44-yard line after a big punt return from Dion Lewis, with a real chance to extend a surprise lead from 14-6 at the break And then Ugly Daniel Jones raised his head, the QB forcing a pass to Sterling Shepard under pressure and essentially giving Carlton Davis the first turnover of the match Tampa Bay started shooting within five years on their next drive, then continued their next streak The Giants eventually regained the lead, but by then they had already squandered a chance to go big

As frustrating as he was, Daniel Jones actually made quite a few pretty shots down the stretch, including several third and fourth places. But the game of the day belongs to Mike Evans on the other side For a big guy, he moved and landed perfectly to secure Brady’s second TD of the evening and put the Bucs in the top five behind in the contest

The Buccaneers (6-2) will be back in prime time in six days, as they host rival New Orleans Saints (5-2) on « Sunday Night Football » The Giants (1-7) , meanwhile, will hit the road in Week 9 for an NFC East game with the Washington football team (2-5)

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Tampa Bay must have sweated before they won their sixth game of the season Daniel Jones certainly had his moments, but ultimately this game will be remembered for his two costly second-half interceptions Jones just needs to learn when it’s okay to grab a sack, which he will surely do in time.But tonight the much more experienced quarterback made the plays to save his team An already talented Buccaneers attack will have Antonio Brown the next time they take the field, Sunday night against the Saints

Fought to the end Giants Postgame Live presented by @MercedesBenzUSA now starts @BobPapa_NFL, @CarlBanksGIII & @LanceMedow take your calls or use #GiantsChat to join the conversation Listen live: https: // tco / IrytNjansg picTwittercom / 4jFK9znD1J

Winfield arrived early but mostly because Daniel Jones didn’t release the ball and threw it behind Dion Lewis

Jason Pierre-Paul is having a big night against his former team: seven tackles, two tackles for a loss and a sack so far

Bruce Arians opts for extra points instead of a possible late-game dagger in fourth and one, and Ryan Succop delivers to put Tampa Bay ahead 25-17 with 3:41 to do Daniel Jones will get at least a final blow to complete this both inspiring and uneven performance New York’s defense held up for much of the night Can their offense escalate?

This 18-yard finish was a vintage Brady to Gronkowski Brady bought pocket time and hit Gronkowski after breaking free from linebackers and before safeties could come in to play

Mike Evans had been followed by James Bradberry in 7 straight games between TB and RCA from 2016 to 19 Evans had not scored a touchdown against Carolina since 2016 He just has one on Bradberry

Tom Brady throws him comfortably to put Tampa Bay in a position to regain the lead, Cameron Brate shoots a big penalty to push the Bucs further into the red zone, then Brady hits Mike Evans for the green light on the perfect fade-in the far right corner of the end zone A nice extension of Evans to carry him while going to the ground, and the Buccaneers now lead the Giants 22-17

Tyler Johnson has become a legitimate target in the Tampa Bay offense over the past few weeks End-of-round pick in 2020 Draft, Johnson has 25 touchdowns in his last two years at Minnesota Obviously no minicamp hasn’t slowed his growth, but he’s starting to have more chances now I just fell with a 20-yard catch as the Buccaneers threaten to take their second lead of the night

Massive underdog with a fourth quarter lead at home Monday night and the QB tries to force an intermediate pass with a defensive bear hugging him from behind Unacceptable interception

Man oh man, Daniel Jones just can’t escape grueling turnovers The Giants are behind the wheel, threatening to extend their fourth-quarter lead over the Bucs, and Jones, under pressure, to force one at Golden Tate rather than throw it away Picked up, Sean Murphy-Bunting Bucs takes over Brutal for New York

I really liked the Giants’ game design for Daniel Jones to sprint to the right, then spin and throw the opposite field Similar to what Washington did with Mark Rypien in 1991 Jones knocked down Slayton, but I like that the Giants are trying different things with their young quarterback

As dubious as the Giants were on offense, whether it was Jason Garrett’s call in the red zone or Daniel Jones’ missed chances, New York is still leading this football game in the fourth quarter. And the defense has really stepped up.The Bucs miss Chris Godwin, remember, but the home side have played so far so far

The Giants secondary does a great job producing cover sacks on Brady At the same time, Brady avoids short passes for bigger wins, thus leading to sacks Brady should give his checks more chances of play His line is good, but the Giants managed to crush the pocket after three seconds

The Giants regain the lead from a 33-yard basket by Graham Gano #MNFNYG 17, VG 150: 15, 3rd quarter

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World News – GB – Giants vs Buccaneers Goal: Tampa Bay wins behind two TD assists from Tom Brady and two INTs from Daniel Jones


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