World news – GB – Grand Canal Cruises, review: Sheila Hancock and Giles Brandreth make a merry pair


As Timothy West and Brunella Skills bow from the Grand Canal expeditions, their successors in the game had to learn the ropes.

In the little stairway on Channel 4 HQ called « Something for Seniors, » lies Great Canal Journeys, the happiest show of more than 10 series with actors Timothy West and Brunella Skills in the studio that was ostensibly a travel show, but it was really a touching study. For marriage, and their mutual dedication in the face of developing dementia of scale

Now the couple has pulled out, but Channel 4 doesn’t want to lose a hit so the broadcaster kept the shape but swapped in Gyles Brandreth and Sheila Hancock It’s not quite a random pick – the pair are longtime friends of Tim and Brow but they’re quite newbies when it comes to waterways. , So the focus in this first of two episodes was mainly comedic, where they hit banks, snag locks and break the bathroom.

Brandreth cheerfully said, “You know nothing and I know less.” Good cheer is Brandreth’s stock trade, which has made him an excellent travel companion. He and Hancock have been friends for 40 years and clearly have a shout out together, especially when they play a game Scrabble It’s a nice dynamic, although without extra layers from the previous series, it’s nothing more than a fun ride

However, in this youth-obsessed age, it was great to watch older folks on TV as Brandreth is 72 and Hancock is 87, the latter suffering from rheumatoid arthritis but determined not to let him get in the way of new adventures

After a rudimentary lesson from the West – with the scales sending a taped message from home, a reassuring sight for anyone concerned about their condition – they set off the River Thames, where they met the eccentric English (class in the world’s only amphibious electric bath chair) and environmentalists Historians and blasphemers

The River Thames is an ancient topic and there was nothing very exciting to see here – could there be anyone unaware of Cliveden’s history and his connections to the Profumo affair? Next week’s episode on Lee Navigation should be a little more interesting but as a nice celebration of friendship and the joy of messing around in boats it was a fun way to pass the time

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Gyles Brandreth, Sheila Hancock, Channel 4, Great Canal Journeys, Prunella Scales, and Timothy West

World News – GB – Great Channel Travels, review: Sheila Hancock and Giles Brandreth a fun pair


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