World News – GB – Harold Shipman: Nine seconds that ‘exposed Britain’s worst serial killer’


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The mass murderer, later dubbed « Doctor Death », was convicted of killing 15 elderly patients in 2000, but a public inquiry claimed there may have been hundreds of them. administered deadly injections of morphine to his victims, aged 41 to 93, in a killing spree that lasted 27 years Four years after Shipman’s conviction, he was found dead in his cell.Experts who have since analyzed tapes of the serial killer’s police interviews say there was a brief moment when his body language revealed his horrible crimes

Shipman refused to cooperate with investigators during the 2001 interrogation – when he turned away, refused to speak and closed his eyes to avoid looking at photos of his victims

Despite his non-compliance, body language expert Cliff Lansley believes the serial killer has unknowingly given signs of his guilt

He asserted that even when an individual chooses a « tactic of not saying anything, not even a » no comment « , he can expose himself

M Lansley said: « Even when you turn your back on the interviewer, behavioral science helps us see and hear what people are thinking and feeling and in this case it has given it »

In the video clip, Shipman’s refusal to recognize any of the photographs or interact with investigators was shown

Linguistics professor Dawn Archer added: « He has the opportunity to do something to help the police, his choice in this case was to dissociate himself from the world »

Forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes likened his actions to those of a « toddler » who chose to « close his eyes, put his fingers in his ears and say, » No, no, no, I don’t listen to you ””

Shipman’s response continued in the same way as before until Elizabeth Pearce – an 83-year-old woman who was the first of her three patients who died on the same day in January 1974

The investigator held up a white sheet with a picture of Ms Pearce and said: ‘Of the three elderly ladies it is the old lady dressed in black »

While Shipman had not physically spoken or looked at the photo, Mr. Lansley claimed his body came out on him

During a 2018 episode of “Faking It: Tears of a Crime,” he said, “So he’s not saying anything, he’s silent, we can’t see his face and his back is to investigators, how lucky have the police been? « 

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M Lansley showed his back and showed there was no movement when the photo was in front of him

He said: « Shipman’s [normal] breathing rate is four seconds, a very small pause then exhales for four seconds – that’s his baseline

« However, when presented with a photo of Elizabeth Pearce, he cannot see the photo and his eyes are closed – but he must be scared

« How do we know that? Because in fear, like our ancestors, if threatened by a large animal they would freeze in the grass so as not to be seen and they are not an easy target

« This freezing response is a psychophysiological reaction which is subconscious, he doesn’t breathe for nine seconds, so Elizabeth Pearce, that name is a problem for him »

Harold Shipman was analyzed in « Faking It: Tears of a Crime », which is available to watch on Sky

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Harold Shipman, Serial killer, TV documentary

World News – UK – Harold Shipman: Nine seconds that « revealed Britain’s worst serial killer »


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