World News – GB – Hear Paul Heaton’s new Christmas song and Jackie Abbott’s new single


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Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott release a new Christmas song. Listen to « Christmas (And Dad Wants Her Back) » below.

The song, written by Heaton, was described as « usually satirical in a tumultuous relationship during the holiday season and features an intricate brass band organized and written by Jay Parker. ».

The song will also appear in a luxurious double special edition of the duo’s album « Manchester Calling ». The deluxe release was released on December 4, and includes eight new songs.

Speaking of the new song, Heaton said, “I wanted to write a song, apart from the usual comfort that most Christmas singles have..

« Maybe a song that records some of the misfortunes that some single parents face on the same day; burnt dinners, ruined trees, frustrated children, and most importantly, loneliness..

The duo’s previously announced tour in the UK and Ireland, including three free shows for NHS and care workers, has been rescheduled to 2021.

Speaking of free offers for NHS service and care workers earlier this year, Heaton said: “The Coronavirus pandemic should remind everyone, and let no one forget, that our NHS is the most intelligent and important institution in our lives..

“The men and women who serve us, care for us, give us hope and sacrifice their well-being, can never be thanked.. We are just musicians, so there isn’t much we can do but sing for you. As a matter of appreciation, we announced the next party for all of our frontline NHS employees.

« Porters, cleaners, drivers, doctors and nurses. thank you.

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Paul Heaton, Jackie Abbott, Christmas Day

World News – Great Britain – Listen to Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott’s new Christmas single


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