World News – GB – Homes Under the Hammer: Meet Jackie Joseph – the BBC broadcaster is an expert on transformations!


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Jackie Joseph has joined the Homes Under the Hammer team – here’s everything you need to know about it.

Homes Under the Hammer is one of the most popular rejuvenation programs on TV that has been in business since 2003 with regular hosts like Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell.

For the first time in its seventeen-year broadcast, the show gets two new hosts – Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh.

Many viewers search for Jackie on Google as they want to find more information about her.

On her website, she says she studied fashion design and worked in the fashion industry for five years before launching her own brand, Jacqui Joseph Designs..

Jackie has appeared on numerous entertainment shows and lifestyle shows such as E4’s Wife Swap the Aftermath, Hollywood Gossip, ITV’s GMTV, Daybreak & Lorraine and others.. .

Worked as Producer and Co-host on Discovery’s Home’s Room 2 B You and Viacom’s US Channel BET. Finally, she showed some great skills in design and recycling to make everything from bags to jewelry.

Jackie also worked on UKTV’s LoveHome program, creating a range of items such as Roman curtains, sofa covers, table covers and venue mats.

Please roll the drum . . . 🥁 We exclusively reveal two new home additions under the direction of HUMMER’s introductory team, celebrity building expert Tommy Walsh and designer jacquijdesigns! #MorningLive pic. Twitter. com / 2jjEWVzAse

Jacqui comes from a family of interior designers and design experts. Her father worked as a decorator and plasterer, while her mother was a seamstress who made clothes for special occasions. .

“I didn’t know that at the time, but they were my inspiration and my influence. My mom taught me how to sew, and my dad taught me how to do everything from wallpapering to tiling, painting and everything in between!

“So, with my background in fashion and my love for colors, textiles, trim and trends, it wasn’t long before I was drawn to interior design and crafts interiors, which I adore..

In a previous post on Twitter, Jackie revealed that her husband Andrew passed away in 2018 after eight months of battle with cancer.

Jacquie is an active social media user and often goes to her profiles to share posts.

Whether these are behind-the-scenes shots or photos with other presenters, you can follow whatever she wants from her Instagram and Twitter pages..

Jackie currently has just over 2,000 followers on Insta, but we’re sure that number is set to rise after her appearance on Homes Under the Hammer.

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World News – GB – Homes Under the Hammer: Meet Jackie Joseph – Makeup expert BBC broadcaster!


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