World news – GB – Horner says 2021 F1 schedule ‘on the limits of human tolerance’


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Christian Horner says Formula 1 teams will be pushed to the brink in 2021, during a season set to include 23 record-breaking races around the world.

Formula 1 released its tentative schedule for 2021 earlier this week, a campaign that will kick off in Melbourne on March 21 and end in Abu Dhabi on December 5..

In addition to the 23 races distributed throughout the season, the teams will endure the triceps, with Spa, Zandvoort and Monza taking place on consecutive weekends, as Russia, Singapore and Japan unfold over the course of three weeks. .

This year’s season kicked off at a frenzied pace due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent necessity to package 17 events within a five-month period.

“Many of the 23 races have taken place in the next year’s calendar as we are seeing an increase in demand for Formula One racing,” said the Red Bull Racing Team Leader.

« But when you look at the races this season, where we have 17 races between July and the end of the season, it was very intense..

“Looking at 23 races over the course of one season compared to what we have done this year in such a short period of time, it seems much clearer..

« But it is a lot and it will be demanding. Yes, there is a slightly lower test that it partially compensates for, but it will be a challenge for all team members.

“Less for the drivers as they fly in and out of the team a little late, but a lot for others.

“There are some great races planned, but of course they are within human tolerance.

Haas captain, Guenther Steiner, wasn’t too happy with the prospect of handling a pair of headscarves next year. But the Italian said the onerous schedule was an inevitable consequence of expanding the calendar.

“I think it’s essential if you want to do 23 races, because we also want to have a few weeks off in August,” he said..

“If you want to do this, you just have to live with the downside of making triple heads.

« What we have to do to manage people is give them time off when we’re not racing, » Steiner added..

“People on some teams are already doing [this], the racing team doesn’t come to the factory.

« Something like this that we need to start thinking about, how can we reduce people who go to the factories because in fact they are no longer needed there because cars fly from one place to another anyway.

“It’s kind of a cabinet reshuffle for the people we have. Maybe they work more intensively for a shorter period of time and then have a more intense leave, something like that.

« I don’t have all the answers but I think we need to find them and there is a way to find them.

“But I think if you want to participate in 23 races we need to live with triple heads. It almost cannot be done without it.

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World News – GB – Horner Says 2021 F1 Schedule « On the Limits of Human Tolerance »


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