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A new national lockdown goes into effect in England from November 5, in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, following a sharp increase in cases in recent months

It will remain in place until at least December 2, but it is possible that this will be extended

This means that people have been urged to stay home and not to socialize with people outside their homes, with specific exceptions, and many businesses and places will also have to close

This can be worrying news for those who are learning to drive and who may be wondering if they can still take classes or take their exam

A decision has yet to be announced on whether to continue driving lessons and tests in England once the new national lockdown is put in place

A spokesperson for DVSA said: ‘We are working closely with the government to agree on the impact of the lockdown in England on DVSA services

The government’s DVSA website, which was last updated on October 22, says « driving tests are taking place in England and Scotland », but this information will likely be updated in near future

???? DVSA services in England ???? We are working closely with the government to agree on the impact of the foreclosure in England on DVSA services We will update clients as soon as possible

According to DVSA guidelines: « Testing in Wales is suspended from October 24 and will start again on November 9, 2020 This is because of the coronavirus firewall lockdown

« If you have booked a driving test in Wales it will automatically change for 9 November 2020 or after »

In the latest nationwide lockdown, which began at the end of March, driving tests were suspended for everyone except « critical workers » and driving lessons were also banned for most people

Driving lessons and theory tests resumed in England on July 4, with special measures in place, while practical driving tests resumed on July 22

There was a backlog of tests, as many people put theirs on hold during the last lockdown

For the tests, safety measures were taken, whereby the examiner and the person taking a driving test had to wear a face mask unless there was a good reason not

New rules have been introduced for the end of a practical test, in order to minimize the time spent in a car

« If you do a serious or dangerous fault, which means you failed, your driving examiner will redirect you to the driving test center, where the test will end, » says the DVSA guide

At the end of a test, the examiner had to ask the person taking their test to get out of their vehicle before giving their opinion on the test results

The new national lockdown rules for England, put to a vote in Parliament this week, include:

The rules are expected to stay in place until December 2, but it has been suggested that they could be extended

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News from the world – EN – How new Covid lockdown rules could affect testing driving lessons and lessons


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