World News – GB – Huge moment of eel erupts down heron’s throat to escape being eaten alive


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AN AMATEUR wildlife photographer shared the dark moment when a huge eel burst into a heron’s throat to escape being eaten alive

Engineer Sam Davis, 58, from Maryland, USA, captured the mind-boggling snapshot of a snake eel springing from the heron that had caught it moments earlier

Snake eels are a family of eel species that live most of their lives buried in the soft sand at the bottom of the ocean

When eaten alive by predators, eels can perform a horrific escape by using their hard tail end, which is used for digging, to penetrate the wall of the predator’s stomach to escape digestion

The photo, shared on Instagram, shows the eel ripping the great blue heron’s throat as it flies through the sky

« I went to the shelter to photograph foxes and eagles and anything that could be interesting, » Sam said

« There were two young eagles who saw the predicament of the herons and followed him around, I guess they smelled a meal

« When I got home and edited the photos, I could see it was an eel going through his neck I could see his eyes and he was still alive »

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Sam, who shares his photos with nature fans on his Instagram (@ 22smd), added: “The wildlife sanctuary says it has never seen anything like it before It’s a kind of morbid photo

Snake eels can be up to seven feet or more in length, and their sharp tails are over half their body length

In a study published earlier this year, scientists found the first evidence of snake eels bursting through the stomach walls of predators

Queensland Museum scientists have discovered the behavior when collecting fish in northern Australian waters

Jeff Johnson, co-author of the article, told The Guardian: « Most animals dig head first, but snake eels use the tip of their hard tail to dig directly into the substrate of the soft sea

« When swallowed and disagree, they simply use the same mechanism to burst straight through the wall of the stomach »

« It is likely that other snake eel species are also involved and many other predator species will be involved in eel penetrations »

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World News – GB – Moment Huge eel bursts THROUGH the throat of the heron to escape being eaten alive


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