World News – GB – Keane gives his judgment on Man City defense and makes Van Dijk a comparison


The Manchester United legend was speaking before Sunday’s Premier League clash against Liverpool at Etihad Stadium

Since sending five home goals to Leicester, Pep Guardiola’s men have met only three times in the next eight matches in all competitions before Liverpool’s Premier League clash on Sunday at Etihad Stadium.

Robin Dias, who made big money in the summer, joined the City team and formed a promising partnership with Emeric LaPorte at the center of defense

« I think what the two players give the team is a kind of balance, and a great presence in defense »

Laporte’s long hiatus from playing with a knee injury last season was a huge blow to City’s title hopes.

Van Dijk is set to miss the remainder of the season after suffering a serious knee injury in the Merseyside derby against Everton

« Last year we saw a big Laporte loss and I think it’s what Van Dijk represents for Liverpool, a big presence that makes the other players around them better, » Kane added.

Fellow critics Mika Richards said: “I really like Robin Dias, he was a lead character in the back who is still young only, only 23 years old

Pep Guardiola’s men were desperate to regain the Premier League title, but the champions had already put themselves at the top of the table, and Sunday’s crisis at the Etihad Stadium – even very early in the season – was crucial to their chances of winning. A challenge to the crown

The guests came early with a penalty kick by Mohamed Salah, but Gabriel Jesus’ remarkable role and ending the match brought City to the level could have awarded Kevin De Bruyne’s penalty kick to City three points, but the match ended in a high-quality 1-1 draw

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“People mention replacing the Vincent Kompany, that would be tough, but he got the right foundation and he started well enough so we can see enough to say he’s going to be good enough to create a good partnership with Laporte

“Laporte was excellent, we all know what he can do, and the only criticism is that he was picking up a lot of insults so people had to step in and not do the job at the required level that the back is four

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World News – GB – Kane gives his judgment on Man City’s defense and makes Van Dyck comparison


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