World News – GB – Kym Marsh shares chilling experience working on crime show Murder at My Door


Coronation Street favorite admits that researching the murder of tragic Perthshire retiree Jenny Methven, 80, has been a heartbreaking process

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Kym Marsh is known as a pop star and soap opera star, so it’s no wonder she found her new crime show « heartbreaking » to work on

Murder at My Door is a darker challenge for the Hear’Say singer-turned-Coronation Street frontrunner who played Michelle Connor from 2006 until last December

In Crime Investigation’s new series, which begins Monday, Kym, 44, recounts the tragic deaths of four people in their own home, including Perthshire retiree Jenny Methven, 80, who was killed by his son’s best friend William Kean

Kym said: « It was a frenzied and vicious attack on a helpless innocent old lady by someone she trusted

« I hate the idea of ​​someone breaking into my house to steal But the idea that these same people might be ready to kill is terrifying

« It was quite a painful show to work on, in the sense that listening to the stories and the courage of the families of the victims is just mind-blowing »

David Methven, 58, had been friends with William Kean, 46, for over 20 years and were so close they called each other brothers

In February 2012, David returned to the Forteviot cabin he shared with his mother and found her covered in blood with horrific head injuries

Jenny had been hit on the head at least 11 times with such ferocity that her skull was fractured from side to side and shards of bone were embedded in her brain

The investigation was one of the largest ever conducted by Tayside Police, with around 80 officers dedicated to the investigation, while forensic experts spent more than a week searching the cottage at the search for evidence

However, in August 2012, Kean was convicted of clubbing Jenny to death and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 22 years.

He continued to claim his innocence until November 2014, when he finally admitted to murdering the pensioner

During the trial, pathologist Dr Helen Brownlow said Jenny was reportedly unconscious and dying after the second hit, but Kean continued to attack her

He left his body sitting on a kitchen chair, where his son found it seven hours later

Kym said: « It was clear from Jenny’s injuries that her attacker intended to kill her The shocking thing to me was the number of people killed by someone they actually know and love

« The people you love – that’s the ultimate betrayal, isn’t it? Thinking that someone who could be so close to you would want to do something like this to you

“This is completely foreign to us; this is not something we expected or thought it would happen – again, none of the victims ever thought it would happen to them either. « 

Kym, who currently features Morning Live, the BBC’s new rival on This Morning, alongside Gethin Jones, has had a varied career since earning a spot on Hear’Say in 2001 after appearing in the Popstars reality show

After two British No1 singles and a No1 album, she left the following year and went solo, but was dropped after her third single and went to the theater, first in Doctors and then in Coronation Street

But this week, she had time to meet Suzanne Shaw, her old Hear’Say teammate, on Instagram Live to celebrate 20 years since their arrival in the Popstars final.

Kym, who is dating Scott Ratcliff, said: “You look back and think we did this? Sometimes it feels like another life « 

Also this week she’s « so happy » Morning Live launched with a maximum audience of 15 million and the most viewers in her time slot and she filmed a second round of the BBC show on crooks, For Love or Money

And while she’s in demand on TV, she’s no slouch.Next month, she plays an unfaithful wife in her first movie role since leaving Coronation Street, alongside Luke Goss , Martin Kemp and Joan Collins, in the festive dark comedy The Loss Adjuster

If you’re surprised at everything she does, or if she’s the head of a real crime drama, you shouldn’t

Kym said: “I have had the opportunity to present a few things over the past two years and I feel very lucky

« It seems to me that I am allowed to wear a lot of hats and no one seems to have a problem with that, which is fine with me »

Kym did not speak to the families of the victims, but she did look at footage that came to her

She said: « I have witnessed a lot of the anguish of families during their talks. It’s unreal how brave they are to discuss something that is so raw to them


« No matter how much time passes, this is something that will stay with them forever. It changes your life »

« I felt a sense of responsibility, because I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right job and that the families and friends of the victims would be happy with the job I had done »

Recently, Corrie has shown a powerful coercive control scenario and Kym has been involved in thought-provoking intrigue also as Michelle, including one very close to her – the death of a child mother of three. lost his son Archie moments after his birth in 2008

She said: « They give people education and insight into issues, whether it’s male suicide, domestic violence or losing a baby »

The subject has been on the agenda since the lockdown began, with the charity seeing a high demand for help and advice, alongside an increase in calls to its hotline

Speaking out on behalf of victims of abuse, Kym, who became a granny last year when her daughter Emilie gave birth to a baby boy, uses her platform to raise awareness of the growing number of people suffering in silence

She said: “During the pandemic there has been an increase in calls to Refuge’s hotline because people have been isolated with abusers.

« The other thing that concerns me is that due to the pandemic fundraising has been limited. It is more important than ever to do our part for our charities »

Murder at My Door launches Monday on a 9 p.m. criminal investigation The Jenny Methven murder is the third episode, A Death in the Village, November 16

Kym Marsh, Hear’Say

World News – UK – Kym Marsh recounts his chilling experience working on the crime show Murder at My Door


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