World News – GB – Lallana defends Liverpool starlet after « ridiculous trial »


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Adam Lallana blew up the « keyboard warriors » who recently directed online abuse against Liverpool starlet Neco Williams.

However, the defender lost possession in advance when the hosts scored their first goal. The Wales international was subsequently abused on social media.

The player was supported by older players at the time, and now the former Red Lallana has given his opinion on the « ridiculous trial ». .

« I came across it on my own social networks that he took a bit of a stick, » the 32-year-old told the podcast « Between The Lines ». “It was such a ridiculous test and opinion of these keyboard warriors.

“This is a young lad who is studying. Of course, you will have some bad moments in games.

« To see a young guy get through for a top team at the highest level feeling like he’s disabled or whatever is just sad, isn’t it?

« You can have an average game and then all the keyboard warriors are out. He’s still a little boy so he won’t be used to reading things like that.

“This is the world we live in today. He’s a good boy and I’m sure he’ll be stronger for that, but it’s not something that is needed with all that other pressures. ”

Lallanas Brighton will face the Reds on Saturday, which is the first time he has played against his former club.

« When I was younger it was different. Social media wasn’t what it is now, ”Lallana added.

« Obviously there were camera phones and so on. But you weren’t filmed or filmed 24/7.

“The children have to grow up so much faster. You’re 17 or 18 years old, but they probably need to act like I did when I was around 25 or 26 years old.

« I think I was lucky that it didn’t when I got through because it would only have added 10 to all other print times. ”

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World news – GB – Lallana defends Liverpool starlet after « ridiculous test »
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