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League One games are just around the corner and the Bristol Rovers are back in action on Tuesday night

Ben Garner’s Gas will face Shrewsbury Town in New Meadow, and ahead of the game the Rovers boss will speak to the press

His team had a frustrating 1-1 draw with Burton Albion at Mem on Saturday, and he will be eager for his team to respond with a win over Sam Ricketts’ Salop

Garner will provide an overview of tomorrow’s trip to Shropshire, as well as information on fitness and injuries

The pursuit of the future of free agent Ali Koiki and Abu Ogogo are also matters for debate

We asked Ben Garner if Abu Ogogo could be reinstated in the Rovers squad after being unable to find a new club before the window closed

We are what we were in terms of illness and injury, no real change from the weekend

With Alex Rodman it’s always about trying to get his health back, basically, and putting him in a position that allows him to train and cope with that training load.

We are as we were with everyone, to be honest All injured players are working hard to rehabilitate and return as quickly as possible We will continue to insist on this and I hope we still have some selection issues to think about when everyone is in good shape

It will be soon I know we keep saying this and it will definitely be in the next few weeks, everything is fine

We just have to make sure that everything is in place from a security point of view, especially with the viral situation, but also from a standards point of view with the quality that we want to achieve in our work on and off of the step

We’re close, we hope to be there very soon and it will be great when we do, and it will definitely be a bunch of less headaches for me to worry about and just focus on games

I think it’s a help for the players after the game It means coming home earlier and having less disturbed sleep, so a number of teams are now trying to make throws a bit earlier

The deal we had with Shrewsbury was that it would kick off at 6 p.m., but if fans had come back to that point it would come back at 745 p.m.

I think once the fans get back to the games, which we hope we can get at some point, I expect the kickoffs to go back to where they were. supporters time to get home from work and to the matches

At the moment I think the first launches are due to the fact that you don’t have this factor to take into account

To some extent yes, but you also have to take into account the form of players from previous games

We plan, in terms of training routes and loads, etc., but you can’t look too far with the games because the outcome will be how we play tomorrow night and how the players play will be a big factor which team goes to the pitch on Saturday

We plan with as much depth and detail as possible, but the emphasis never goes beyond the next game in terms of « not getting ahead of yourself »

We’re only focusing on Tuesday for now and once this game is finalized we’ll move on to the Accrington game

This period of the next two or three months will be very intense, it will be very demanding

I said after Saturday’s game that this was something we had on our minds from day one of the preseason in terms of building up to this point, but also now the importance of rest and recovery between matches

We’re happy with the team we’ve put in place to bring teams to the pitch, but how we rest and recover will be a big factor in how we do and how each team will do during this period Fingers crossed, we don’t pick up any wounds

Looking at their performances this season, they’ve probably been a little rough in a few games, then got a win on Saturday when they probably weren’t as good as in previous games.

They have had a good defensive record this season, they are certainly robust and certainly strong. Center-backs in particular, they certainly don’t mind a challenge

You can see how they’ve adapted their game this season compared to last and what they’re trying to develop at the club, and as always, we’ve looked at them and analyzed what we think needs to be done

We also addressed each other on Saturday and looked at what we can improve on. This is still the most important thing in my opinion

To be honest, I’m not the type to pay too much attention at home or away from home We don’t organize anything different or mind being at home or away from home

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The only difference for us when it comes to home games is in the crowd What happens on the pitch depends on the players, how we prepared and what we did

We don’t go there and we don’t organize a different game for what we would do at home

No, there isn’t at the moment, I’m afraid We’re still waiting for this We hope to hear from you today, but not yet

I think there are a number of players who can argue for this We evaluated the players today, we saw how they performed

Everyone got what they needed today, and we will make a decision on the squad overnight and tomorrow morning and decide which direction we are going for the game

Seven out of nine points is a good dynamic and we obviously want to continue this momentum

We reviewed the game today and identified an area or two that we would like to do a little better, but also not stray from the good elements of the game

Thanks for joining us We will speak to Ben Garner shortly I just skipped from Q&A, so while you wait for updates from the gaffer why not take a look at what has been discussed

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World news – UK – Rovers press conference en direct: Garner to speak before Shrewsbury clash


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