World news – GB – McFly baffled anyone imagining & Harry even had to shave off elusive sideburns


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In the best part of a decade, McFLY has been a fainting activist across the country.

But 15 years after one of their most disastrous style moments, at the 2005 Brit Awards, they now admit that they’d baffled anyone imagining them at their peak.

For the first time, they admitted that their record company ordered percussionist Harry Judd to shave his sideburns after the concert – a move that angered the band..

In an exclusive interview, Harry said: “It was raised in a meeting with our management about my sideburns. I remember our manager told us.

“We were like,” What the f *** man. That’s like oxen ***. Looks good. We can have the facial hair we want. You cannot control us. And now, looking back, I’m amazed we didn’t fall for my sideburns.

Harry and band mates Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter were teenagers when they hit the music scene in 2004 with their # 1 5-tone single in her hair.

Danny joked about their appearance in the early days: “It makes us wonder how the hell we had an army of teenage girls following our band.

“Three years later, we were starting to appear on the red carpets of everything we had that day. Tom added, « Oh my God, we were in a mess.

The boys – who look a lot better these days – are back today with their new album Young Dumb Thrills.

Nearly a decade ago the day after their last recording came on top of the noise, and they couldn’t be more crowded with it.

Tom said: “I relaxed a lot because I feel like we made an album that we were really proud of, and we couldn’t have done anything better or had a better experience making it. In the past few years, we haven’t really been a group so the most important thing is that we’re happy to be making music with each other again.

The group was due to be on tour now but that has fallen victim to the epidemic.

Harry said: “It’s a unique bond as a group, especially a group that has longevity and success.

“Making the music together, that’s the really fun part. So, for Young Dumb Thrills to be ready to be heard, now we can’t wait to come back again and start making more music..

About the possibility of another album before their eventual tour, Doge joked, “At this rate, there will be ten more albums..

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McFly, Harry Judd, and Danny Jones

World News – GB – McFly baffled anyone imagining & Harry had to shave off elusive sideburns


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