World news – GB – Nations League preview: Belgium – England, heroic Scotland, Bill is ready


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England were in a position to dominate their Nations League group after a slight win over Belgium at Wembley in their last international break. Then came the Denmark match and it wreaked havoc on it all.

The good news for England is that it cannot be relegated – stop laughing, that’s a thing now – Iceland has lost all four matches so far and is also struggling with the disappointment of losing the European Championship next summer. Only victory will he win in Belgium this weekend, and England is free to do so.

But freedom wasn’t exactly a word for England in the final months written by Gareth Southgate. Thursday night’s victory over Ireland offers some cheer – taken away from the atrocity of Ireland – with a score of 3-0 a fair reflection of the efforts of England (and Ireland). Southgate’s first safety 3-4-3 seemed less stifling as Mason Mount offered a more advanced option in midfield second. It is understandably unlikely that such an order would be attempted against the Belgians, with Declan Rice and Jordan Henderson possibly forming a more conservative midfield duo.. . But England now has it as an option.

And then of course we move on to the question of Jack Grealish. He was once again by far England’s hottest player against Ireland, and his withdrawal after just an hour raised the bewildering possibility that Southgate might be willing to risk him in Sunday’s high-stakes game.. . The England national team is much more cheerful with the participation of the villa player, and this is for him. It is a competitive game, but defeat has no dire consequences in the long run. If not now, when?

For Belgium, meanwhile, exactly the kind of game where they really need to get a score if they have any hope of getting rid of the roughly men mark that dogs are their golden generation. They are a better team than England, Greelish or no Greelish, and they can really do that a lot.

Okay. Here you are. Scotland’s first major tournament in 23 years, with well-deserved win over Serbia. Scotland was the better side and should have done the job in 90 minutes. They would have done it had it not been for the kind of last-minute heartbreak that became, well, Scotland.

That they regrouped to negotiate with extra time and then win penalties with five perfect penalties is a testament to the character of this team.. And it is quite something that Scotland has emerged as a kind of anti-England regarding the sanctions. It turns out they are awesome to deal with.

There were euphoric and emotional scenes understandable after their victory, but Scotland’s work is far from over on this international break. There is another big opportunity ahead of them this week, with their rise to the first division of the Nations League with only a win.

If they can recover from a physically and mentally exhausting evening, they have a tremendous chance of this win on Sunday, not least because they face the Slovakia team trying to recover from the exact same thing.. Slovakia has only one point from its four Nations League matches this time.

Wells is also looking to advance to the First Division and has the advantage of two games at home to complete his campaign. A win over Ireland on Sunday will only leave them needing to draw against Finland in the final, and Welles should feel very confident.

Ireland is on a horrendous march and faces the real prospect of relegating to the third division. Whatever importance you attach to the idea of ​​the League of Nations, this is a disappointing case.

Bale got a rest due to Welles’ friendly draw against the United States on Thursday, but it looks like he’s set to unleash this match. Even in his darkest days in a spell with Real Madrid, he’s still occupied for Wales – as the flag famously attests – but it will be interesting to see if Wells gets a better Bale now, he’s clearly more satisfied with life in general.. He’s back in Tottenham. he is happy. It gets better with every match. And most importantly, based on everything we saw at Wembley on Thursday night, he spends an incredibly enormous amount of time against this Irish defense..

A match in which the winner wins everything, as these two points are reserved at 10 points at the top of the A3 league which means that the winner on Saturday will be a net 3 points with a superior head-to-head record and can withstand slipping in front of the group making weights in the final match.

Although friendly results are not the most reliable measure, France’s 2-0 loss to Finland this week was unexpected and suboptimal preparation for a match of this magnitude, while Portugal prepared with a more predictable 7-0 outing ahead.. Andorra.

Maybe we shouldn’t be playing international football at all right now, but if we at least have to make it among teams full of beloved soccer players who have a place in the Nations League qualifiers. . That is what I always said.

Bale was looking at the MacBook rather than Welles’ 0-0 draw with the United States. Perhaps he was watching Masters. . .

Bale is close to a permanent return to north London as Real Madrid appears to be cutting its asking price for the Welshman.

Solshire heads to the last salon of opportunity for the big weekend featuring Man City against Liverpool, Che Adams and Leicester. .

Reguilon says he now sees Bale in a « different light » after the pair have moved to Tottenham from Madrid.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho is intrigued to see the reaction to Gareth Bale’s winning goal . . .

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Gareth Bale knocked off the bench to score his first goal in his second spell.

Son and Vardy top the Premier League scorer this list. Harry Kane? Way down. . .

Scotland and Wales are on the verge of promotion. Ireland is on the verge of collapse. England have a free kick.

England lost a 3-0 victory over the Republic of Ireland one night when the big news came from elsewhere.

For some players, a busy schedule is a pain. Literally. But the misfortune of a man is an opportunity for the other. . .

Amid the renewed talk of Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United, we look at five other stars who have enjoyed returning home.. . .

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World News – GB – Nations League Preview: Belgium vs England, Heroic Scotland, Bill is ready


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