World News – GB – Podcast: Living with mental illness while in confinement


« The lockdown has been a blessing, I was forced to deal with my negative emotions and patterns and rework them »

The lockdown has been going on for several months and it’s hard for everyone Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ isolation and uncertainty has caused our episodes of anxiety and depression to increase

How are people with mental illness dealing this time around? For some, like Isha, the lockdown worsened her anxiety and diagnosis of BDP and pushed her to the brink of darkness.

But for Maria, the lockdown allowed her to escape her unhealthy routines and forced her to consider her emotions and behaviors. « I really had to sit down with my emotions, and that helped me tremendously. Locked out, I could go crazy on myself without unhealthy distractions, and I was able to train healthy role models I exercise more often my sleep pattern has stabilized, my online therapy helps me as I looked forward to going in person before and found healthy outlets like cooking « 

Clinical psychiatrist Dr Ruksheda Syeda said different disorders and people had different reactions For those with social anxiety this time was a blessing Some people with psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety got worse « It was different because certain economic pressures pushed them into depression For others, the option of online therapy was a huge boon »

And how can we best take care of our health during this time? Hear 3 unique perspectives

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News from the world – GB – Podcast: Living with mental illness in lockdown


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