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There is no doubt that today’s NI executive meeting is critically important in efforts to tackle the second wave of coronavirus But what will come out of this meeting will be enough – it to convince an increasingly skeptical public to follow the advice given?

As it is evident that a significant number of people feel that there is a lack of cohesive and cohesive leadership at Stormont Yesterday it seemed like the DUP was indulging in a solo race taking a contrary view to the four other parties that make up the executive Prime Minister Arlene Foster says a five-party coalition is to be expected to have different priorities, but it is certain that even this loose alliance – it is certainly not a cabinet neither in tone nor in action – must recognize that it faces a common enemy that transcends all party policies and ideologies

What’s key right now is for the executive to make the right decisions at the right time Instead, it seems like there’s always a drift, still waiting to see what emerges from Westminster before deciding what to do here Politicians have said they will be guided by science but, if yesterday’s reports were true, the advice of medical and scientific advisers was not bearing the weight expected It was dragged around all day as Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride wanted new, tighter restrictions to last up to six weeks and should include school closures for an extended mid-term break The Prime Minister and the Minister of Education sang a different tune

It must be admitted that balancing lives and livelihoods is a complex and difficult task and there are very different views even on how best to protect people from the virus, let alone keep the ‘economy on the move

But when it seems the executive is at odds on the best way forward, the public is left in limbo They wonder if saving lives is the top priority, then why isn’t medical and scientific advice – they not followed to the letter? Why are ministers briefing each other, making their positions public even before the executive has discussed them?

Today the executive should set out their booth in clear and unambiguous terms Decisions need to be made this week and ideally they should be implemented as soon as possible The public sees no sense in trying to curb the pandemic with a policy of a thousand cuts but wants measures which, according to him, can give results

The war must be against the virus and not between the competing interests of political parties


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