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After making her debut on NXT last February, Raquel González wants to prove her dominance, be it as an ally of Dakota Kai or an ally lonely. In October González had a single game with the « Nightmare » Rhea Ripley in her first single game on NXT: Halloween Havoc. Though she didn’t claim the win, she said the match alone was her perfect opportunity to show how hard she’s worked since arriving at WWE four years ago.

« Well, it was really surreal to get involved, because being here at the Performance Center on Wednesdays is always a stressful day for everyone. It felt quieter than usual for the day, « remarked Raquel González in her interview on WWE’s The Bump. « I was very, very happy and proud of myself that I did because it was my first single game. Since I’ve been out there without Dakota [Kai] like you said, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve opened a lot of eyes and I’ve shown people that I’ve been here for four years, learning my trade and knowing who I am am. « 

González praised Ripley for her strength in her match last October. She hopes their rivalry continues after their four-on-four battle this Sunday on NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

« It’s rare when I get matchups like this because I’m the tallest girl here on NXT. And Rhea is one of the other tallest girls too. She’s not as tall as me, but the girl is strong, « she congratulated. « When I got into this match, I had to rewire my mindset because as much as I love tossing little people around, I knew that wouldn’t be the case with Rhea. I think what we both did there really opened my eyes to tough matches. But our story is far from over. « 

As a second generation wrestler, Raquel recalls what led her to follow in the footsteps of her father Ricky González. She tells the panel that she caught the « wrestling bug » the moment she was born.

« Well, I can remember the exact moment, but I can remember the feeling. But let me start at the beginning – it all started when my mother took me to work, « she began. « So I was a little late. The doctors told her to come to the hospital so they could induce labor. On the same day my father actually had a tag match and his tag partner was in the hospital with us. He said, “Look, Rick, you have time. We can have our match and come back; You will have time. “My mother said, of course,“ Yes, yes, just go ahead and go. I’ll be fine. “My mother chilled because she was in no pain at all. Well the funny thing is when my dad left, ta-da, I was born! I think that’s the day I knew I got the wrestling bug.

« When I grew up, I used to travel to his shows with my dad. I was a father’s girl from day one. I wanted to do what my father did, be there and make him proud. Wrestling was what helped me achieve all of these things. « 

Since her first appearance at the Mae Young Classic in 2017, Raquel has been a long way from becoming Reina González – a country girl – to Raquel, the explosive powerhouse she is now.

« I’ve definitely changed a lot, » she agreed. « At that time, I was trying to hug who I thought I was going to be. But moving to Raquel really made me want to become that woman who is strong, domineering, and controlling, who knows what she wants and chooses to do it. I think this really helped me improve my ring skills and personality. It was me who stepped out of my comfort zone and really helped me hug her. « 

WWE Hall of Famer, the « Glamazon » Beth Phoenix, has played an intricate role in Raquel’s career. González looks forward to speaking with Phoenix in the future about how to deal with her character, despite the fact that they are currently separated worldwide amid the pandemic.

« I only picked out Beth’s brain when she was here with us at the Mae Young [tournament] and also when she got to the PC. Obviously this year has changed a lot for all of us, « she said. « Listening to her commentary and comments on my games weekly has also helped me because she is such an inspiring person and I seek inspiration from her [both] outside and inside the ring. We are a rare breed. Knowing that she could accept this and giving me the confidence to accept it has really helped me in what I do in the ring. « 

Raquel González will be joining Team Candice LeRae this Sunday at the NXT TakeOver: WarGames on the WWE network.

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World News – GB – Raquel Gonzalez At which WWE Hall of Famer she is looking forward to training with – Wrestling Inc. .
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