World News – GB Results – Survivor Series: Goobledy Gookey Wins 24/7 Title


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sun. The 22nd. November is a night to celebrate a superstar who made his debut on the Survivor Series in 1990. We’re talking about the Gobbledy Gooker, of course.

That’s what R-Truth thought when he crashed the Survivor Series kickoff show. The truth brought the gimmick that literally hatched out of an egg in Hartford, CT tonight 30 years ago, on the show to honor him.

But when JBL tried to explain that today’s “Final Farewell” was for Undertaker, this damn gooker turned on the truth and took his baby!

Ladies and gentlemen, 30 years after the debut . . . The #GobbledyGooker has become your NEW # 247Champion! #SurvivorSeries picture. Twitter. com / gklAjbJpQQ

The title will likely change hands a few more times before the night is over. Maybe Taker even wins.

UPDATE: In the middle of the PPV, Gooker fell for a Wile E.. Coyote trick and got nailed down when Akira Tozawa lured him in with a pile of birdseed. Then the truth beat Tozawa with a bag of the said seed, and everything is right again with the world.

It’s a CLASSIC bird food trap! Sorry #GobbledyGooker (and @TozawaAkira), @RonKillings just got his baby back on #SurvivorSeries! # 247 Cover picture. Twitter. com / LQvZFksyvE

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World News – GB – Survivor Series Results: Goobledy Gookey wins the 24/7 title
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