World News – GB Results – WWE NXT, Live Blog (November 11, 2020): Three title matches


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Here’s a place to check scores and comment along with the latest episode of WWE NXT, as it airs live on a regular Wednesday night at 8 PM EST on USA Network

Check out our preview post on Wednesday morning to see what was happening and what to expect this week

Announced tonight, directly from Capitol Wrestling Center: North American champion Johnny Gargano looks to break the curse of defending his title against a mysterious opponent, Pat McAfee’s Kings of NXT tries to continue his dominant career when Tag Team Champion Oney Lorcan & Danny tries to Porsche gives Prizango a rematch, Santos Escobar defends the Cruiserweight title against Jake Atlas In addition, Candice LeRae fights with Toni Storm, Xia Li gets the match against Raquel González that she requested, and more!

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Then Johnny is in the ring with his rivals hurrying that he sees his failure to successfully defend the North American title the first time he’s got bad luck Failure to defend the NXT title means he’s insulted! But tonight, with the help of his friend the wheel, he will reverse the curse! It will show the world that where there is a wheel, there is a method

Leon Rove is scored above one of the names, and the wheel is apparently overburdened to land on Ruff Come Down!

« Rav » lights up, « Gargano » grabs the ropes for him and stands in front of the camera while Leon raises his arms convinces Johnny Leone to check his paintings before he closes, and when he kicks him in the face the hero drops Rav down in the corner, then it’s a quick hit and pause he runs away He escapes from the charge after being flogged in the corner and gets angry for 30 seconds, but is then grabbed by his head when he tries to jump and toss from the apron to the ladder, Johnny launches him on the bulkhead, and notices that Damian Priest is there behind the plexiglass he is mocking the priest, but then It revolves around a plexiglass gargano that scares and slides straight into a roll of roughly three! A large clothesline from the hero, who then throws Rav’s face first into the clamps after mocking the priest by saying how easy it is, Johnny prepares to kick, but Rav bends under and hits the crucified bomb a new hero!

The priest celebrates the new hero on stage as Gargano melts into the ring the referee places the title around Leon’s waist, but he’s too big and falls to the ground

Behind the scenes, everyone cheers for the new hero MacKenzie Mitchell tries to get a word, but the priest says « Little Johnny » will come out of the curtain and try to kick his ass, so he gives Leon the keys to his black opponent and tells him to get out of here

Gargano comes through hot and attacks the former champion priest who says he hates the wheels, asks General Manager William Regal to do his job and cancel the match he says there was no contract about which he still panics as we go to our next match

We see footage of Atlas attacking Legado Del Fantasma earlier today, attacking Joaquin Wilde in a bread basket with a black jack

Cruiserweight champion with Raul Mendoza exits his arm in the ropes from last week’s Atlas attack Escobar is still very cold, lounging in the corner at the bell Jake gets an early advantage, but Santos only takes seconds to get the upper hand sweeps up the Russian leg in submission While the champ tells Jake that this is what he gets to mess with Atlas to the ropes for a breather, but it’s no longer any better for the opponent on his feet Eating kicks from Escobar in the corner, then another stretch that punches Jake and cuts his way back to him sends the champion’s big forearm to his knees , But Mendoza pulls a tube from his ropes when Atlas is on the bib avoids attacks and eliminates Wild too. Slingshot blockbuster gets two on Escobar, then the hero slips down and regroups with his team as we move on to the announcement

When we get back, Escobar is in control again, but we see Wilde & Mendoza chased away by the ref Run to the knees, hit the other corner and repeat the follow-up Super Rana, and the hero steps up to get a Frog Splash One Two No! Atlas gets his head scissors and follows him with a drop kick to get back on again Superkick gets two punches to the defeated hero, then goes to the ropes to try DDT to wheel the cart and his face is first pushed into the advertising office Escobar follows and they quarrel on the floor, but Santos sends the challenger to the ring steps slams his face Atlas First in steps when counting to six, but Jake follows Escobar at eight he fights the champ outside the ring and tries a completely unconnected dive gets two fixes pinned to two, then Escobar drops him into the middle rope. Superkick approaches the hero, but Atlas returns straight away with a combo gets two Jake climbs up for the ending, but he lands straight onto Escobar instead.

Behind the scenes, we see Dexter Loomis put the finishing touches to a caricature of beating Cameron Grimes at Halloween Havoc, and Raquel Gonzalez walking into the ring

Shotzi Blackheart tells us how much tank Candice LeRae destroyed for her It was more than just a cool car that she rode to the ring It represents freedom and family They are not, because Schotzi is not interested in equality She just wants to kick Candice

Don’t bring me out with her music, she’s Boa apologizing but he says Chia isn’t here tonight so instead, Gonzalez kicks his ass, sends him to the checkpoint, then takes him back into the ring for a big shoe. Raquel tells him Lee asked for it before she smothered him into Hell She asks everyone to get her name out of their mouths, then she rushes as she writhes in pain

The lights go out and a dragon appears on the screens about the CWC. An older Asian man walks down the ramp before Boa kneels and kisses an envelope, then the man draws a figure on the back of his hand in what looks like soot The man leaves, Boa holds his hand as if in pain

Mitchell asks August Gray about his attack on Timothy Thatcher, but that wasn’t much better than MacKenzie’s first interview. Thatcher’s attacks push him to break the choke, but Thatcher pounces and throws Gray into Loomis’ art! Dexter appears unhappy, but Thatcher says he has no problem with Mr. Regal between them and Thatcher papers

An indoor Poison Pixie promo where you laugh about how fun it is to destroy Blackheart Tank and also have fun destroying Tony Storm’s « punk poser »

They trade the locks in the beginning, and Tony gets the first grip removal. She fights back and gets another removal by controlling the wrist Candice hits the storm on the rug with a little hair to change momentum Tony fights the suplex and takes one herself kick falling from the basement The inverted atomic fall out of the storm LeRae rolls over and Tony follows, but the hip attack only takes steps and the heel takes charge as we go pics

Storm’s comeback begins shortly after our return, and he gets a cover from the suplex bridge she climbs up, but Candace realizes her attempt for a celebrity from there, but Tony catches the storm trying to get a Senton and only gets a mat that follows the scramble, and LeRae puts Both feet on ropes while covering three people!

The storm attacks while LeRae raises her hand, but Ghostface saves her! Schutze faces the odds, but tall heels Candice asks her servant to reveal the mask, Andy Hartwell!

Breezango gets a behind-the-scenes promo Tyler Breeze said they worked for five years to get the belts, and it was really tough for Pat McAfee, who’s not even in NXT, Fandango says he’s not even a wrestler that Breeze says tonight we’re not going to get Prizango Goof, and will become twice tag champions

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World News – GB Results – WWE NXT, Live Blog (November 11, 2020) : Three matches for the title


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