. World News – GB – Root is already focused on next year’s ashes, this time with no excuses.


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The test captain will make his first appearance on the White Ball tour of South Africa on Friday

Test captain Joe Root insists that England’s Ashes tour against Australia next year already takes part of his focus with the strong message that « this time around, » there are no excuses. .

Root returns to the field for England under captain Eoin Morgan for England in the first one-day international match against South Africa on Friday, which led the tourists to a 3-0 win in the T20i series.

And in less than a year until his next visit to England Down Under, Australia’s old rivals will be on his mind.

Root monitored a 4-0 defeat in 2017/18 and was unable to recapture the urn last summer. A 2-2 draw on home soil came immediately after a triumphant World Cup campaign.

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He would give anything to make it happy for the third time and happily accepts that the planning is already underway despite the busy international schedule England is facing up to then.

When asked how much he thought about the series, Root said, « A lot. There’s no point in hiding from it or trying to make it seem like we’re not focusing heavily on it because we are.

« There has been a lot of thought and planning. That doesn’t mean we don’t deal with what’s to come and while the conditions are not similar, some of the challenges we face this winter will benefit us from going out at the Gabba.

As with the last competition between the sides, a major global event is planned immediately before their meeting.

This time around, it’s the shorter, less rigorous Twenty20 World Cup, but there will still be significant numbers of players and coaches from both teams making the transition between formats and from Indian to Australian pitches.

« It was difficult with the World Cup last time, but this time there are no excuses, » he said.

« We have a good chance of preparing for this. If you get it right, we could be in a really strong place by the time we go out there. « 

Root already feels well prepared for his own role. A relative newcomer to the Post when he led his first away tour to Australia, he has now run his country 44 times and should arrive next time as England’s second most experienced captain after Sir Alastair Cook.

« I was still grappling with the role at this point and had a pretty difficult year. For the past year and a half, we’ve really settled on something that gives us something to withdraw to and compare with rather than constantly thinking about the results.

« We have seen good progress and it will be tested again against Sri Lanka and India in the new year but this is exciting. If we keep improving it will be another string to our bow when it comes to Australia.

« It’s just the next challenge, the next part of the journey. I think we’re a side that is getting better and that excites me more than anything. As long as we improve in the right way, that is my main focus. « 

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World News – GB – Root is already focusing on next year’s ashes, this time with no excuses.
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