World News – GB – Sir Trevor McDonald, 81, separates from his wife, 34


Posted: 01:43 AM EDT September 24, 2020 | Updated: 1:49 a.m. EDT September 24, 2020

Sir Trevor McDonald has separated from his wife after 34 years of marriage, reports show

The veteran 81-year-old newsreader, who rose to prominence as an ITN’s News at Ten presenter in 1992, is said to have left his family home and now lives in a bachelor apartment after breaking up with his wife Jo, 65 years old

It is understood that the separation was ‘amicable’ and that Sir Trevor and Jo ‘are still talking to each other’

Sir Trevor McDonald, 81, has separated from his wife Jo after 34 years of marriage, reports show

A source told The Sun: ‘It’s sad but Trevor and Jo realized they were no longer making each other happy and it was time to move on’

The source went on to explain that the split was no secret among these is the couple’s inner circle

They added: «  He and Josephine have a long history, so obviously they’re still talking, and it’s all amicable

‘Trevor has moved into his own apartment and friends are joking that it’s his bachelor apartment’

The couple, who first crossed paths after meeting at ITN, went on to tie the knot in 1986 and together they share a 31-year-old son, Jack

The news anchor also shares two children, Joanne and Tim, with his first wife Beryl, whom he divorced in 1985

Sir Trevor first rose to prominence as the presenter of ITN’s News at Ten from 1992 to 1999 before becoming the host of ITV’s flagship show Tonight with Trevor McDonald in 1999

The ITV newsreader and his wife Jo (pictured together after Sir Trevor received his knight) tied the knot in 1986

He is known for his interviews with such figures as Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela and former US President Bill Clinton and was named News Presenter of the Year in 1993, 1997 and 1999

Since retiring from the Night Newspapers in 2008, he has directed documentaries on topics ranging from Mafia to death row

Earlier this year, Sir Trevor said nothing in his career had been compared to the ‘immense and international’ nature of the coronavirus pandemic

Speaking to presenter Julie Etchingham on ITV News podcast Coronavirus: What you need to know, he said: ‘I can’t remember a story that got us all involved internationally

‘We are much more connected than we thought. We can’t wait to hear what’s happening around the world’

He added: ‘It’s very, very strange to spend a week knowing that you have so little that is absolutely planned It’s kinda hard to have your hands all the time

‘In my personal case, the lack of social contact and having to stay in one place often can be quite depressing, really Just trying to find ways to cope

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