World news – GB – SpaceX’s standard SN8 shooting test did not go as planned


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Recently, SpaceX carried out its third standard test of fire on its prototype SN8 spacecraft. The test saw the fuel as the rocket was about to launch, and then the engines fired for a few seconds, while the spacecraft was attached to the ground. . Although the other two standard fire tests were conducted as planned, this time there were problems.

Reports indicate that while the motors are running, material can be seen dripping from the bottom of the prototype, which is abnormal for testing and indicates a problem. Fortunately for SpaceX, the spacecraft was not lost. CEO Elon Musk confirmed there were problems with testing.

On Twitter, Musk noticed the car lost air pressure. At the time, he also confirmed that the team did not know what caused the problem. Musk noted that the pressure of the liquid oxygen head tank is increasing, and there is a possibility of the spacecraft exploding. However, Musk believed that an explosion would reduce disk pressure.

Musk later tweeted that the exploding disk worked as intended, and it appears that the car is malfunctioning. Then in a tweet, he mentioned that at least one of the SN8 models needs to be replaced. Castore also spoke of the sparks that some observers saw during the test.

He said that sparks could be caused by the burner or manifold fuel of the hot gas in front of the molten engine. He noted that all that caused the loss of aerodynamic properties was caused by sparks. He indicated that this issue needed to be addressed at the design level. Ultimately, the Starship will be the next generation of rockets that will carry supplies and personnel to the Moon and Mars. The SN8 was the first prototype to include all three Raptor engines. All previous models had only one engine.

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World News – GB – Standard Shooting Test SN8 of SpaceX’s Third Vehicle Not Completed as Planned


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