World News – GB – Spirits ignite as Loose Women stars clash in heated spit


Loose Women panelist Saira Khan has been slammed by angry viewers after argument with Gloria Hunniford

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Loose Women panelists Saira Khan and Gloria Hunniford clashed in angry scenes on Monday’s show, leading some viewers to ask Saira to apologize for being « aggressive « towards her co-star while others backed her for opposing another national lockdown

Monday’s episode of the ITV talk show began with a discussion of Saturday’s announcement by Boris Johnson that England will return to lockdown from November 5 to December 2

Loose Women host Andrea McLean opened the panel discussion with Saira by saying, « The lockdown doesn’t affect me too much, but there are people in this country who go to food banks, who don’t can’t pay their mortgage, have children who depend on them and can’t work even if they can because they are fit and healthy

Responding to her, Gloria, appearing by video call from her home, said: « You can’t balance money and deaths! The numbers are increasing at an alarming rate Just look at Italy, Germany, France; the hospital corridors are crowded

« We have to do something and I hate it that 700 young people took part in a rave in Bristol

« There comes a time when you have to take this in your own hands and do something. I was delighted to see this extended leave straight away »

Picking up on that, Saira hit back, « Sorry Gloria but we’re going to pay for this in the future », but Gloria replied, « What are you going to do? Let people die ?! »

Saira replied: « I understand that not everyone adheres to the rules, but I think this is where the government should step in and it should put more people on the streets to make sure that people respect them

Strong from her point of view, Gloria said: « This is a global problem and no one has the ultimate answer

After Saira interrupted to say, « It’s not just business Gloria, » Gloria added, « No, no, wait. I understand why people are upset about business closures again, but you or no one else has the ultimate answer to this, this is a huge problem across the world

Also not backing down from her position, Saira told him, « I’m not saying I have the answer, I’m saying there has to be a balance

« And I’m sorry but charities are losing money, domestic violence is on the rise, child abuse is on the rise, suicide rates are on the rise, people are not getting cancer treatment. they need

« We need to protect the essentials that make our lives worth living and the lockdown does not! »

Much like the Loose Women panelists, viewers were divided on the issue, some furious with Saira over her treatment of Gloria

One of them tweeted: « Saira it was horrible the way you were talking through Gloria, not letting her speak and was quite arrogant These are crazy times for all of us » and another reacted. : « Honestly I think Saira should apologize to Gloria, Brenda and Andrea The way she yelled at everyone on today’s show, I appreciate her being passionate about her point by sight, but honestly #so vulgar « 

However, others backed Saiara, with another viewer comment: « Well said Saira Khan 100% makes sense, locks are not the answer », and a fourth, okay, commenting: « Well done Sairan we said here what you said today regarding lockdowns THEY DO NOT WORK and we have to learn to live around Covid Sense of Speech, and you have pointed out the evidence regarding other deaths « 

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World News – UK – Spirits ablaze as the stars of Loose Women clash in a passionate spitting


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