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It’s now less than a month away for the 60th anniversary celebrations of Coronation Street. With countdown to 60 years of the world’s longest running TV series, the next few weeks at Weatherfield will set the scene for Game-Change Week

With Oliver’s tragic illness, the story of the coercive control of Jeff (Ian Bartholomew) and Jasmine (Shelley King) and the arrival of some new and old faces, the year has completely passed yet, and there is no time to stop at the locals yet, as Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) to destroy the gravel next month.

When things start to speed up, let’s take a look at what we know so far about the three events that took center stage during the anniversary, and try to understand how it might end, and what all this means for residents of this beloved street.

Sleazy businessman Ray Crosby brings the element of danger to Memory Week – he’s literally bringing bulldozers to the street to tear them down! With his redevelopment plans high on his list of priorities, his team currently consists of him, Debbie (Sue Divani) and Gary Windas (Mickey North).

Now we know Craig Tinker (Coulson Smith) will soon discover the blueprints for the future of the Stones, he has become the first person to figure out what Ray intends to do, and he will no longer be part of his team.. This could mean that Ray would be pushed to the extreme in order to silence Craig, and he tried to do so after he said he put a kind word with the chief inspector in exchange for keeping Craig okay about building plans..

So far, perhaps surprisingly, Ray has only managed to acquire ownership of a few real estate, and is currently trying to get his hands on: Speed ​​Daal, Jeff’s house, and with the help of Debbie, it’s like Sally (Sally Denifor) sells her home In order to get away from Jeff.

Ray and Debbie still have a long way to go before they even consider putting their plans to the public.

Yasmine and her experience is what brings the emotional component to party week. For months we watched her languishing in prison and soon we will finally find out if she will be released or spend her life behind bars.. We were desperate to find out where Ellen (Paula Wilcox) was after Jeff scared her a few months ago, but finding her was very difficult. Time is running out for Jasmine, and as much as the confession hurts us, Ellen’s frailty may make her very afraid to attend court and defend Yasmine..

Recently, Alia (Sir Khan) discovered Yasmine’s financial problems due to Jeff’s control of her bank accounts, and with the increasing legal fees for Omran (Charlie de Mello), being able to sell Speed ​​Daal would definitely help Alia and Jasmine, but so is it. Getting Jeff’s side away was not (obviously) easy.

But with Jeff coming out this year as well, the trial will undoubtedly have an overall impact on how he left. Given the fact that both Sally and Tim (Joe Datin) want Jeff to go, the results of Jasmine’s trial are likely enormous..

There isn’t a great deal of information about this story, but what we do know is that two people are willing to keep a shameful secret that would ruin their lives and those around them.. Secrets don’t stay a secret for long on Coronation Street, but for now, anyone can keep it! There have been some recent secrets with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoigne) when it comes to being silent about Dad (Sally Carman) proposing that they sleep together, and he succumbed to his alcoholic temptations recently – maybe Peter and Abby the two of you are willing to keep a mysterious secret from everyone?

Also, on the street, Asha (Tanisha Gori) has been at the center of some teen dramas, hiding the fact that she’s in an affair with Corey (Maximus Evans) from Dave (Jimmy Harkishin). Add this to Corrie President Iain MacLeod to confirm a story for 2021 that includes teens in Weatherfield, it’s very likely that the secret is the catalyst for the start of this dark and life-changing situation..

There are several possibilities for how each of these lines wrapped up. We’ve already talked about the possibility that Fay Windas (Eli Leach) will be in trouble next month as she continues to work with Ray, but if his plan continues and hurts most of the street, more than one person might find themselves in a life-threatening situation (maybe it’s better to wrap Rita) Barbara Knox) ​​and Ken (William Roche in a bubble wrap now for protection).

When it comes to Yasmine on trial, there are only two ways this trial ends: She’s free from prison, or she spends life behind bars for trying to kill Jeff. At the moment, luck is not in Jasmine’s favor – Eileen is still missing, and with no one knowing where she is, she can either surprise us all and come to Jasmine’s help, or the scene with Jeff was the last thing we did.. Ever see her. Trial week will change a lot for Yasmine, and with no glimmer of hope currently on the horizon, she needs a miracle to let her return to the pebbles.. .

Without the Weatherfield real estate and homes, there would be no Weatherfield! With Ray Hill bent on destroying the pebbles, the number of companies he will get his hands on in the coming weeks could determine how things will end at the end of Memorial Week.. Ray still needs to get his hands on several homes and businesses, including: Speed ​​Daal, Geoff House, Kabin Store, and Dev.. It begs the question of how many properties Ray will end up owning and settling? Can residents stop irrigation in time before bulldozers arrive and their homes are destroyed?

At the heart of any drama on Coronation Street residents. Any dangerous situation in which they find themselves getting together all come together, and that add to the fact that we don’t think residents will just give in and let Ray smash their homes, expect some cool scenes where they all join together to challenge the elusive businessman..

So how far will things go next month? Since Gary is currently working with Ray, whether or not to help him may be the difference for him in continuing to bury his dark past, or allowing more residents to discover what he really likes.. If our suspicions are valid and Fei finds herself in danger soon, it will make Gary’s choice have a huge impact on him if that means putting his sister in danger..

Craig has now discovered blueprints for the redevelopment, and with Abe becoming increasingly suspicious of what Debbie is really doing, things start to speed up and cracks appear for Ray.. The destruction of the street and the trial of Yasmine and the Secret between two locals will lay the foundations for enormous consequences, and we can’t wait to see how it will turn out..

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World News – GB – Spoilers: Everything we know about the coronation Week 60th anniversary of Street so far


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