World News – GB – University of Northumbria hit by huge coronavirus outbreak as 770 tests are positive


Of the 770 confirmed cases, 78 students are said to suffer from symptoms, and all students now affect self-isolation for 14 days, a spokesperson confirmed

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All students who have tested positive are now isolating themselves with their roommates and anyone they have been in contact with, the university has confirmed

A spokesperson for the university said: « On Friday October 2, we can confirm that we know of 770 students at Northumbria University who have tested positive for Covid-19, of which 78 are symptomatic

« These students are all self-isolating now Their roommates and close contacts are also self-isolating for 14 days as per government guidelines and have been urged to contact NHS119 to book a test as soon as possible if symptoms appear

« We support all self-isolating students, providing them with food and other essentials, as well as social support, including 24-hour online mental health support and 7 days a week and individual support from our wellness teams if needed which is accessible through multiple channels We support students with food, linen, cleaning materials and other social aids, in collaboration with our Union students, city council and other partners

« Northumbria University students can continue their distance learning with additional academic support to ensure they are not disadvantaged if they miss face-to-face instruction during their period of isolation

« The increase in numbers comes within a week of students returning to university and reflects good access and availability of testing, as well as rigorous and robust reporting systems in parts of the UK where universities started the term earlier, the number of student cases increased during integration week, then decreased

« We make it clear to students that if they break the rules, they will be subject to police fines and disciplinary action from universities, which may include fines, final warnings or expulsion »

Councilor Irim Ali, a member of the Newcastle City Council Cabinet for Neighborhoods and Public Health, praised the « incredible efforts » made by the universities of Newcastle and Northumbria « to create environments safe by Covid »

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She added: “Unfortunately, a small number of students are undermining these efforts and, at a time when Covid infection rates are rising in the region, it is welcome that universities recognize this and warn those who break the rules regarding their conduct

« We are working alongside the two universities to support self-isolating students, and have mobilized volunteers to deliver food packages and other essentials to those confined to their homes

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« But as work continues to control ongoing epidemics, we need all students to comply with regulations and guidelines »

A spokesperson for the Northumbria Students Union said he has worked with the university and the council to « create an environment in which students can not only safely access education for which they came here, but also enjoy life on campus « 

« We have adapted the use of our buildings and the services we provide to ensure students have a good start in their university experience, while taking every precaution to limit the spread of the virus, » they added. / p>

Yesterday, the Diocese of Newcastle called for volunteers to help 300 students living in private accommodation in Newcastle who self-isolated without food

A Facebook post read: « Can you help? There are 300 student households in private accommodation in Newcastle who have been forced to self-isolate without food

« Both universities are providing the food packages but have no way of getting them out so they have asked for help If you can help this Saturday please contact Adult Social Care at the Newcastle Civic Center on 0191278 7878 during the day tomorrow between 9.30 a.m. and 430 p.m. Expenses will be reimbursed « 

An update then read: « We understand that the Council and University of Northumbria have now recruited enough volunteers to resolve this situation Thanks to everyone who offered to help »

More than 220 students and staff have tested positive for Covid-19 at a University of Manchester campus in the past 10 days

The city’s infection rate for people aged 17 to 21 rose to 745 cases per 100,000 last week, the Manchester Evening News revealed

Yesterday, the university issued a statement denying the existence of a « spike » or « epidemic » at its Fallowfield premises

After a handful of confirmed cases between September 21 and September 27, a total of 53 students and three staff tested positive on Monday, and another 129 students and one staff member on Tuesday

Fallowfield Central, the area which covers a large portion of student accommodation in southern Manchester, has now become one of the country’s main hot spots for the coronavirus

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News from the world – GB – University of Northumbria hit by huge coronavirus outbreak as 770 tests positive


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