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World News – GB – Why the Bengalis will watch out for ghosts on Friday

Today, 14 generations of our grandparents visit us

I watched my father’s expression changed when I asked him about Bahot Chatordashi. I had been asking him various questions about Bengali culture since I wrote about forgetting my native language, but that was a bit even for me it didn’t help that my dad is among the faint of heart who shy away from any Something close to the horror genre

So what exactly is Bhoot Chaturdashi? The more I learned, the more my fascination deepened. It turns out that Indians had their very well-known version of Halloween long before the holiday became fashionable here, as it winds its way around circles that would jump the chance to throw a themed party in the rich and distinct folklore of Bengal. Tonight before Kali Puja is devoted to spirits, our very own group of local bots with their unique personalities and quirks can withstand the demons of pop culture and the ghosts of American films

Like Halloween, Bhoot Chaturdashi is the day when Bengalis believe the veil between our world and the afterlife is gentle, when ghosts and spirits – specifically their ancestors – roam the Earth there are no trick-or-treaters, jack-o-lanterns or meetings in brutal costumes, though rather From that, there are rituals, traditions and a library worthy of ghost stories

Celebrated on the fourteenth day of Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of the moon) on the eve of Kali Pogo or Diwali (which falls on Saturday 14th November in 2020), Hot Chatordashi is the day when Bengal has the light 14 earthy lamps on their gates to guide the 14 spirits A generation of their ancestors (chudo borush) into the house and drive evil spirits every dark corner of the house lit and to keep their bodies by these entities away, they eat 14 different leafy greens (chudo shack) a day – a much tastier alternative to the pumpkin condiment latte , I can say

Bhoot Chaturdashi is also known as Naraka Chaturdashi in Hindu mythology, this is the day when the combined forces of Lord Krishna and Satyapama and the goddess Kali destroyed the powerful demon, Narakasura

Given how complementary these spectra are with Bengali folklore, it makes sense that there will be a day to commemorate them in fact, ghosts are known by many names and characteristics in the area There is one, Mechho Bhoot, loves to eat fish – the real Bengali at heart Petnis is a female ghost who has died Unmarried or with unsatisfied desires, Daittyo looks like human beings, but is gigantic and incredibly powerful in comparison. Mamdou, of course, the souls of Muslims, all according to legend, of course.

Now, as I write this with an episode of a supernatural play in the background, Sam and Dean (the main characters) in Search of Evil Spirits, it feels great to read all about the diverse cast of spirits that appear on Bhoot Chaturdashi I might have uncomfortable discomfort Rational about the American import of Halloween, but its Indian counterpart looks a lot more interesting (my Bengali roots may be speaking) Dad might have some ghost stories on his way

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World News – Great Britain – Why Bengalis will watch ghosts on Friday

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