World news – Health Secretary Greg Hunt goes to hospital with an infection but says not to blame the bump


Home News Health Secretary Greg Hunt goes to hospital with an infection but says not to blame the bump

In a statement Tuesday evening, his office said, « He is being held overnight for observation and given antibiotics and liquid.  » It was said that Hunt « is expected to make a full recovery. »

The condition of Hunt, who received the AstraZeneca vaccine along with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the weekend, « is not considered to be related to the vaccine », The statement reads.

His hospitalization, however, does not help when political figures are trying to instill confidence by firing their shots early.

The announcement about Hunt came hours after Victorian Prime Minister Danial Andrews had been admitted to intensive care after falling down slippery stairs, resulting in multiple fractured ribs and vertebral damage.

Meanwhile, pressure on Scott Morrison continued via Attorney General Christian Porter, who is on vacation after being charged with historical Was charged with rape, which he strongly denies.

Morrison told reporters he spoke to Porter Oh, but he didn’t say when he would be back to work.

The Prime Minister confirmed that Porter will not be there when Parliament meets next week. « But he will give me more updates later this week, » he said.

While Morrison tries to draw attention to the economy with announcements of post-JobKeeper actions this week, he will continue to be from the Problems around Porter and Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds pursued.

Parliament enters the last fortnight before the budget session on Monday. The House of Representatives meets for two weeks and the Senate for a week, followed by hearings based on Senate estimates.

Reynolds, who is on vacation, will miss both weeks. If Porter missed the whole fortnight, the first time the two ministers would be questioned in parliament would be the budget week in May. Her return could be a distraction for the government, which wants all attention to the budget.

Morrison, who spoke to Reynolds’ doctor, said Tuesday that her health problems – she has an underlying heart condition – « pretty much. » « Serious ».

Reynolds felt uncomfortable when she came under fire over the allegation by her former co-worker Brittany Higgins that she was raped by a colleague in Reynolds’ office in 2019 and had insufficient support.

Morrison , who criticized Reynolds for not telling him about the incident, has not yet released the results of an investigation by his departmental secretary Phil Gaetjens, who was aware of the matter in his own office.

The prime minister was again on Tuesday questioned because he had not read the dossier with the allegations against Porter. He said the formal documents were brought to his office on a Friday afternoon in Sydney.

« And so these documents were immediately made available to the federal police. So I was not in the same place as these documents. “

Morrison continues to oppose calls for an independent investigation into the allegation against Porter, saying he did not speak to the attorney general about the allegation » because there is no separate legal process for the attorney general or anyone else « . In economic terms, Morrison, speaking at the Australian Financial Review’s economic summit, said Australia was « leading the world out of the global pandemic and the global recession it caused ».

However, he expressed frustration at the fact that that despite the still high unemployment, many jobs cannot be filled if no workers come from abroad.

« Despite targeted measures to encourage Australian JobSeeker recipients to move to where the jobs are – $ 6,000 to move there and take these jobs – unemployed Australians are filling these jobs easily and sadly either, « he said.

 » And every day we hear the stories of employers, especially in regional areas, who are unable to fill positions. « 

 » We also have to play the role of Temporary visa holders rethink meeting the labor needs of our economy when Australians fail to fill these positions.

But “we need to see that instead of taking Australians’ jobs, we instead appreciate how filling critical shortages is can actually create jobs in other economic sectors with temporary visa holders and, in particular, sustain growth and services in our regional economies ”. That way, Australians got a net profit, said Morrison.

« This problem won’t go away when the pandemic ends. It is a sensitive issue for us to deal with and we have to do it. « 

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Michelle Grattan is The Conversation’s chief political correspondent. She is a veteran of the Canberra press gallery and was previously political Editor of The Age.

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