World news – How the UFC duel between Kevin Holland and Marvin Vettori will develop


Francis Ngannous knockout from Stipe Miocic in UFC 260 solidified Insight the Octagon’s profitability for the first quarter of 2021 at 8-5 and 3.95 units.

To make a profit on any sporting endeavor , care, careful placing of bets and equally important records are required. If you stick to these success levers for a UFC calendar year, you can be sure that the profit will take care of itself.

The second quarter of 2021 begins with ABC’s second UFC production. One of his headliners, the Englishman Darren Till, broke his collarbone while sparring and was eliminated from the fight. Preparations for this card will begin on Saturday at 12 noon in Las Vegas.

The eighth-placed Vettori welcomes the famous Holland in the octagon in a fight that might be more like feeding time in the Serengeti than a competition.

That Holland in 10th place was dominated by Derek Brunson as the favorite of -180 as the main UFC Vegas 22 event three weeks ago. The impression Holland has made is so great that I don’t think he had much choice in this fight.

Holland was the only real option the organization had to save their main event. I would have paid a lot of units to be privy to the UFC-Holland conversation after his huge stink bomb last month because I think it was a one-sided talk with Holland listening and the UFC speaking.

Vettori is a kickboxing fighter adorned with a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is aggressive, forward-thinking, and relentless in the pursuit of engagement. Vettori, who can be very emotional, has to be measured in this fight because his only real chance to lose is if he takes Holland too lightly and gets caught in a Sunday shot or a crosswind shin.

Vettori has to push Holland and distance and eliminate space, allowing him to capitalize on the plan Brunson so successfully used to dominate Holland, which has an unrefined way of winning mixed martial arts.

Vettori battled the current master in April 2018 Israel Adesanya to a separate decision. Vettori was very competitive despite his inexperience. His competitiveness in this fight and the confidence he has gained from the distance with Adesanya fuel his intensity to take another leap at the champion. Vettori is a rising fighter that most in the division want to avoid. This includes Adesanya, who is aware that Vettori could be his greatest challenge.

Holland only came in 10th because the organization did not lower him after his embarrassment against Brunson. He is in a unique position here. He is usually praised for stepping in 10 days in advance to help the organization rescue a major event. But in this case, I wonder if the UFC put the fight on him this way: take this fight or whatever.

Holland needs to be motivated to recover through solid efforts. The problem is that he was used there against a hungry and dangerous fighter in Vettori who will try to devour Holland should he show any weakness.

Holland must keep this fight going and the incoming Vettori with bumps, crosses Pick and pick, overcuts, kicks and elbows, all based on fluid movement and space management. If Holland can frustrate the angry Taurus, he can possibly get his hot-headed opponent to plunge into something.

The KO surprise is Holland’s only chance in my opinion. I am preventing Vettori from being a more complete mixed martial artist. He has superior talent, he has a significant local advantage and he will be the bigger and heavier man in the cage.

Vettori has little to gain and everything to lose here, but I think he will win impressively. This could mean an instant crash for Holland, who may not have the mentality to thrive in the UFC.

This fight doesn’t have the naming power to be considered material for the main event, but it will be the sharpest Show competitors who can compete in an absolute stand-up dandy.

The tenth Allen is unbeaten in seven UFC fights. He beat some decent opponents early in this run, but his last three opponents have not been high-level talent. His last fight was in January 2020 so I am suspicious of this inactivity. But shy of that caveat, it’s uncommon for a talent like this not to have reached higher profile fights.

The Brit is very familiar with BJJ, but uses speed and precision as his best weapons. He must use footwork and fluid movement to overtake and dodge blows from his more powerful opponent. Allen’s tactic will be to decide Yusuff with a counterstrike.

Yusuff happens to be 11th, so this result is very important for both of them. When I examine Yusuff’s recent fights, I see high quality victories against different fighting styles. The fact that he was a bit more active than Allen and the more powerful, aggressive striker just makes me consider him a small favorite.

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