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The date differences of Dhanteras have made the markets two days Dhanteras. There are differences with the beginning of the Triodashi and the status of the night festival. By the way, in the opinion of most scholars, the festival of Dhanteras will be on November 13, but in some places due to the nightly Trinity, the festival of Dhanteras will also be on Thursday. There are many Mangal Yogas on Dhanteras both times this time. These Mangalayogas are considered the best for shopping.

There are different arguments about Dhanteras. The astrologers in favor of 12 November say that the starting night of Triodashi 9It will be 30 o’clock. Therefore, there may be Dhanteras and Yama Puja. According to Kashi’s Mahavir almanac, Ganesh Apa almanac, Rajdhani and Vishwavijayee almanac, it is appropriate to celebrate the festival of Dhanteras on 12 November.

All the temples of Kashi have Dhanteras on Thursday only while in Mathura-Vrindavan this festival is on 13 November. According to Pandit Rameshwar Ojha, editor of Mahavir Panchang, there are two types of Muhurta. One is normal and second is Muhurta. According to the festival Muhurta, Dhantrayodashi is on 12 November which is 6 pmLooks like 31. (In the opinion of most, this is the time of night 930 o’clock). According to him, Yama Puja takes place in the evening of Triodashi.

13 shopping auspicious
7am to 10am
12 noon to 2Till 30 o’clock
Evening 04 to 5Till 30 o’clock
Night 845 to 10Until 25 o’clock

Time of worship of Dhanteras
12 November – 9 PM30 o’clock
13 November – 5 PM30 to 7To 30 o’clock (stable lagna, Taurus)

Most astrology in favor of 13 November
Most scholars say that Triodashi will take place on November 12 at 9:30 pm and on November 13 at 5 pmWill continue for 59 minutes. Celebrating the festival of Dhanteras on Friday by keeping Triodashi in the Udayakal and being present in the evening is appropriate and scriptural. According to Dr. Pankaj Jha, Acharya of Wilveshwar Sanskrit College, both 12 and 13 November are the best days for shopping.

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World news – IN – Many Mangal Yogas this time on Dhanteras, know the right time of worship
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