World news – IN – Parkinson’s fear Is Putin resigning as president? What is happening in Russia?


Moscow: The US presidential election is in full swing. On the other hand, there is a vacancy in the presidency in Russia There are unconfirmed reports that Putin is stepping down as Russian president

The full results of the US presidential election are expected to be released by tonight Democratic candidate Biden is currently leading with 264 votes

Republican candidate Trump is on the verge of defeat with 214 votes They say this will lead to a change in the presidency in the United States In Russia, on the other hand, the situation is changing for the better

Russian President Putin resigns There have been reports that he intends to step down from politics He is reported to have Parkinson’s disease, also known as migraine It is said that his central nervous system is affected and the first stage of symptoms has appeared

For the past few months, the nerves in Putin’s legs and nerves in his back have not worked He is struggling to stand and walk, it is said Even videos of him struggling to stand up suddenly at some of the public events he attended went viral on the internet

It is in this context that reports are coming in that he is going to resign from the presidency in January He has decided to resign at the request of his girlfriend Alina Kabeva and two daughters He is expected to resign in January

At the same time, sources in the Russian presidency have denied the allegations Only unconfirmed reports of President Putin’s health are being leaked No news has been confirmed yet It remains to be seen how Putin will fare if the resignation message is true

Putin has been Russia’s president and prime minister since 1999 In addition, Putin changed the constitution this year, wanting to run for president twice more A person who aspires for such a position The question is whether he will resign abruptly

Vladimir Putin, Russia

World news – IN – Parkinson fears Is Putin resigning as president? What is happening in Russia?
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