World news – IN – « They are politicizing my father’s death » – Chirac Paswan retaliates against Manjita


Published: 02 Nov 2020 02:39 PM Last Updated: 02 Nov 2020 02:42 PM

Chirac Paswan retaliates against Hindustani Awami Morcha leader Manji for writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling for a high-level inquiry into the death of the late Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan

Bihar is going to the polls in 3 phases The vote count takes place on November 10th Nitish Kumar has been re-nominated as the Chief Ministerial candidate by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance

The Lok Janashakthi Party, which has been working against the Nitish Kumar-led United Janata Party (UJP) and fielding candidates only in those constituencies, has not fielded candidates in the BJP’s constituencies.

However, the BJP has ordered that the Lok Janshakti Party should not use Prime Minister Modi’s name or image in its campaign. Lok Janshakti leader Chirac Paswan, who values ​​Prime Minister Modi and the BJP, is working against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Thus the senior leaders of the United Janata Dal and other parties in their coalition have been sharply critical of Chirac Paswan. Former Chief Minister Manjit Singh, who is in the United Janata Dal-BJP alliance
The Hindustani Awami Morcha party has also been sharply critical of Chirac Paswan

It called for a high-level inquiry into the death of Ram Vilas Paswan His son and Lok Janshakti leader Chirac Paswan continues to speak contradictorily about the death of Ram Vilas Paswan. The matter should therefore be investigated »

Chirac Paswan strongly condemned this « They should be ashamed to say this about my father, » he said When my father was admitted to the hospital due to ill health, I called Manji and informed him But he did not come and see But now he speaks like he loves my father In fact they are doing it to politicize my father’s death’’ He said

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World news – IN –  » My father’s death They are doing politics  » – Chirac Paswan retaliates against Manji
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