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World news – IN – TV anchor Arnab Goswami gets relief from Supreme Court, interim bailhi

Two accused, including Arnab Goswami, have also got interim bail in the case of the charge of abetment of suicide. The apex court has directed the jail administration and the commissioner to ensure that the order is followed.

On the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Republic TV’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami’s bail plea After hearing the bail plea filed by the court, Arnab has been granted interim bail. Two accused, including Arnab, have also got bail in the case of the charge of abetment of suicide. The apex court directed the jail administration and the commissioner to ensure that the order is followed and said that they do not want the release to be delayed by two days. The Supreme Court said that if it had asked the lower court to impose bail conditions, it would have taken two more days, so we have asked to file a personal bond of 50,000 with the jail administration. Please tell that the Bombay High Court refused to bail Arnab, after which he went to the Supreme Court.

The case was heard by a bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Indira Banerjee During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud said that if the court does not interfere in this case, then it will proceed on the path of destruction. The court said that ‘you may differ in ideology but constitutional courts have to protect such freedom or else we are on the path of destructionJustice Chandrachud also said that it is better for the Supreme Court to ignore the legal aspects of the case as the issue is pending there and will be limited to the point of interim relief Even in cases of anticipatory bail, courts pass interim orders not to make arrests while notice is issued to prosecution

Advocate Harish Salve, who is holding Arnab’s case, had argued in favor of bail saying that « Are Arnab Goswami a terrorist? » Are they accused of murder? Why can’t they be granted bail? He argued that ‘suicide must be the intention to commit suicide and this is the most important aspect No intention in this matterThe Supreme Court has said in several rulings that there should be intent for suicide which is not here If a person commits suicide in Maharashtra and blames the government, will the Chief Minister be arrested? ‘

During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud asked Kapil Sibal, who was favoring the Maharashtra government, that ‘one has committed suicide and the cause of death of the other is unknown. There are allegations against Goswami that a total of 6 of the deceased45 crore was owed and Goswami had to pay 88 lakhs The FIR states that the deceased was suffering from ‘mental torture’ or mental stress? Also 306 needs real provocation Does one have to give money to the other and if he commits suicide then it was provoked? Would it not be a mockery of justice to deprive someone of bail for this? ‘

Justice Chandrachud also asked that ‘when a contract is given it is usually given to a contractor If no one has paid then can any top person be arrested that you have not paidThe court said that ‘our democracy is exceptionally flexible The point is that governments should ignore them (taunting on TV) Do you (Maharashtra) think that what they say makes a difference in the election? ‘

Arnab’s lawyer Harish Salve had argued that no link to suicide has been found in the case. He said that ‘Even the Alibag court admitted that no link had been found and refused to give police custody In such a situation, detention is not made at all. This is illegal detention This is not a matter of abetment to suicide It is clear from the documents that Arnab paid the money to everyone Anvay’s company was in loss for many yearsHe first killed his mother and committed suicide Nayak commits suicide due to financial constraintsHow can this be a case of abetment to suicide’

Salve said that the DGP / Home Ministry gave orders to reopen the suicide case, while the orders are to be given to the magistrate. He also said that Arnab has become the target of collateral damage. Look at the maliciousness on the part of the state He said that the FIR was filed in 2018 and a closure report was filed in April 2019. However, lawyer CU Singh, wife of interior designer Anvay Naik, said that « we were never given a closure report even though it is mandatory to inform the complainant first. » We did not know about the closure report until May 2020′

Kapil Sibal, appearing for the Maharashtra government, said that the investigation so far is not before the court and if this court intervenes it will set a dangerous precedent. Sibal said before the court that ‘how can you grant bail on the basis of FIR? The FIR is just the first notice, not the encyclopedia Investigation in progress There is evidence on record today, bail cannot be granted without looking at the evidence. The court is not allowing us to file papers Judicial remand order is Have a check’

Sibal said ‘how do you decide the intention in case of suicide? Only on facts and evidence It cannot be a theory that the court grants bail only by reading the FIR. Still under investigation Ordered remand Now the court cannot tell whether to read the FIR and see if bail can be granted. When you do not search for the accused, there may not be a closure report Closure report is filed after completion of investigation This is not the case In the closure report, the culprit has not been discovered That is a crime but the accused has not been discovered’

Maharashtra Police opposes the petition Police said in court that ‘We have collected records to prove whether it determines that such a case of death would be considered as a case of abetment to suicide. We are on this principle and your order will have implicationsThousands of petitions have been filed for cancellation of FIR and hence it has been warned that in rare cases Article 226 should be used The sessions court is hearing the case and no intervention is required by the SC’

The police also said that ‘if every accused comes and says that the FIR does not reveal the crime and bail is granted then it will be a different situation for the courts and it disrupts the entire scheme of criminal justice system Will do’

Let us know that Arnab challenged the Bombay High Court order denying Goswami interim bail in the suicide case in 2018. A division bench of Justices SK Shinde and MS Karnik had said that the petitioners can file their petition in the sessions court (lower court) Goswami and two others are accused of abetting an interior designer and his mother to suicide in 2018.

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World news – IN – TV anchor Arnab Goswami gets relief from Supreme Court, interim bail

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