World news – India should use Hardik Pandya’s skills against England in tests


Former cricketers believe that for lack of a real all-rounder, Hardik Pandya has to be selected in Jadeja at XI in Chennai against England and that he has to bowl.

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CHENNAI: During the time MS Dhoni ran India in testing, he often used the four-bowler formula and tasted success. He had always had two high quality middle pacemakers and two world class weirdos in his ranks.

Virat Kohli used the same formula too often because he had some good bowlers in his ranks too. However, in the absence of seasoned Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja, India will need an additional bowling option.

Former cricketers believe that for lack of a true all-rounder in Jadeja at XI in Chennai versus England, Hardik Pandya must be picked and that he has to bowl. They argue that it’s important to put together the best team and start the series on a winning note.

« The team combination always depends on the wicket. The Chennai track has always helped the middle pacemakers first, then it helps them Crazy from the third day of purchase. With neutral curators in the game, I don’t think the Chennai wicket will be a turnaround from day one. 1. So we need three sailors and two weirdos, « said former Indian center forward Tinu Yohannan.

 » It’s always good to have a seamer bowl on one end and a spinner on the other end. It puts pressure on the batsman out and tests his footwork. The long press of spinners on both ends leads to monotony and does not help Also, one should be aware that no other spinner except R Ashwin can run through a team. Axar has yet to make his debut give, Washington only played one test, Kuldeep was in and out of the team. « observed the Kerala head coach.

But Pandya had played as a batsman in white ball cricket in Australia. « If he (Pandya) is not fit enough to roll, then why choose him when there are already seven specialized batsmen and a wicketkeeper to hit on the team? Pandya has been drafted on the team as an all-rounder and back ready for Jadeja, « said Yohannan.

During this time of year there is an unusual amount of dew in the morning. » Yes, there is support for the fast bowlers for the first 30 minutes or so of each day. This can be exploited. The sea breeze also sets in in the afternoon, so that the central pacemakers can also take advantage of this. So you have to be sensible when choosing a team. Fast bowlers who can swing in both directions get a purchase, « Yohannan emphasized.

All-rounders are game changers. » Both Ben Stokes and Hardik Pandya are game changers. It’s not always like they’re expected to hit a century or a five-for-five hit. What the captains expect from their players today is an effective stint in the middle with either bat or ball that has an impact on the game. So you definitely have to play a real all-rounder. As soon as Pandya starts bowling, he will slowly get his rhythm and could turn the tide for India, « said Yohannan.

Another former Indian pacer L Balaji who had a stress break himself and is making a good comeback for recording Pandya scored. « Pandya may not be Ben Stokes in red ball cricket yet. But he is slowly establishing himself in test cricket. You cannot avoid bowling for a long time citing injuries. From personal experience I believe that you can gradually and Then you have to start bowling slowly. Take the workload. So Pandya has to play because he is a real all-rounder who can change the course of the game, « said Balaji.

 » After Pandya said he would be 10-12 first Throwing overs in one day and then slowly trying, inning after innings, to roll more. The only way to get out of an injured injury and regain confidence is through bowling, « added the former Tamil Nadu captain.

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